How to turn on subtitles on OnDemandKorea

OnDemandKorea is an online streaming platform where you can watch the latest and classic Korean television shows, movies, trending clips, documentaries, and news for free.

However, videos on the platform are all in the Korean language. That means you require subtitles if you don’t speak Korean.

But does OnDemandKorea have Korean movies that are English subbed, and how can you turn on subtitles?

Does OnDemandKorea have English subtitles?

OnDemandKorea has many movies and TV shows to binge-watch. However, only a few movies have English dubs.

It is worth noting that most free films and TV series do not have subtitles. However, you’ll enjoy lots of Korean drama and movies with English subtitles if you are a premium subscriber.   

So, how do you tell if a video has subtitles on OnDemandKorea? A video with English subtitles has an EN mark below its poster and thumbnail. If you access the video from the mobile app, the EN mark will be next to the video’s title.

How to turn on subtitles on OnDemandKorea

You can turn on subtitles on OnDemandKorea using the following methods:

On the web


You can access content on OnDemandKorea using your desktop browser. Here is how to turn on subtitles:

  • Visit OnDemandKorea and log in to your account.
  • Search for a movie or TV series marked as EN (English) or KO (Korea). The mark will be below the posters and thumbnails.
  • Click the video and wait for it to start playing.
  • Click on the CC (closed-caption) button at the bottom right of the video player.
  • A subtitle menu will open.
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You can choose English or Korean depending on your preferences.

On the mobile app

OnDemandKorea has a mobile application that makes it convenient to stream movies and TV shows anytime or at your convenience. Here is how to turn on the subtitles.

  • Open the OnDemandKorea app for Android or iOS
  • Choose a video with the symbol EN or KO. The mark will be next to the titles on the app.
  • Play the video.
  • Tap on the subtitle toggle button in the lower right portion of the video player.

The video will play with the selected subtitle. Understand that some videos may have the EN symbol but miss the subtitles.

Can you watch movies on OnDemandKorea for free?

OnDemandKorea is free to use without a subscription but with ads. However, the website requires you to register a free account with your email or Facebook account.

Also, OnDemandKorea has a premium service where you pay a small fee to watch premium content. The fee ranges from $6.99 per month to $10.99 per month.

But the price does not include pay-per-view movies since you will have to pay between $1.99 and $4.99 for each film.

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