These streaming apps avail local TV channels in Canada

Several streaming platforms now offer free or low-cost apps that provide numerous TV channels from major networks across Canada.

Services like CBC Gem and CTV App allow you to watch your local CBC and Global affiliates no matter where you live in the country.

Read on to discover some of the top apps in Canada that can bring many of the same channels you’re used to from cable to your fingertips.

1. CTV

  • Free trial/plan? Yes. This app is free to use but has ads

As the most-watched network in Canada, CTV gives you access to extensive exclusive content from your favorite shows, both live and on-demand.

CTV gives you access to extensive exclusive content.
CTV gives you access to extensive exclusive live content and on demand. Image: Google Play

CTV offers specialty channels free of charge through this app. However, you must watch advertisements before accessing content.

Unlike on other free platforms, the ads are short and not intrusive.

2. CBC Gem

CBC Gem is free to download.
CBC Gem is free to download. Image: Google Play
  • Free trial/plan? Yes. It has a free plan that is ad-supported.

CBC Gem offers a versatile way to access news and programming from CBC without a monthly cable bill. The app is free to download and lets you watch newscasts, documentaries, and more with ads.

If you wish to view selections without advertisements interrupting, you can choose a low monthly subscription at just $4.99.

Either way, CBC Gem lets you tune into quality Canadian content through your Android TV, phone, or computer wherever and whenever it works for your schedule.

3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV has a one -month free trial.
YouTube TV has a one-month free trial. Image: YouTube
  • Free trial/plan? Yes. There is a one-month free trial

YouTube TV takes a novel approach by bringing numerous live channels and programming to its well-known video platform.

With a generous one-month free trial period, you can explore over 85 channels, including locals from major networks.

Beyond watching your favorite shows live, YouTube TV allows you to access unlimited DVR storage to record anything you might miss for viewing later.

The simple interface integrated with YouTube lets you easily find news, sports, and entertainment on various devices.

While a paid subscription is needed after the trial, the extensive selection and features provide great value.

4. Family Channel

Family Channel has family-friendly movies and shows.
Family Channel has family-friendly movies and shows. Image: Google Play
  • Free trial/plan? Yes. The platform is free to use but with ads

Family Channel offers light-hearted programming through their app free of charge. Their selection includes family-friendly movies, shows, and specials that can provide enjoyment for all.

You can find your favorites and discover new titles to watch together with simple navigation.

While advertisements play, accessing this channel anywhere gives you an easy option for entertainment on your schedule without monthly fees.

5. River TV

River TV  has a user-friendly interface.
River TV has a user-friendly interface. Image: Google Play
  • Free trial/plan? Yes. The platform has a one-month free trial.

RiverTV is carving out a niche in the Canadian streaming market as a cost-effective alternative to traditional cable.

With its straightforward pricing and a decent lineup of channels, it’s a solid option for people seeking local and international content without the hefty price tag of conventional TV packages.

The app boasts a user-friendly interface. It’s smooth and intuitive, featuring a well-organized guide.

This guide allows you to restart shows in progress or catch up on recently ended ones.

Viewing detailed information for current and upcoming programs directly from the guide adds a layer of convenience that enhances the viewing experience.

RiverTV’s channel lineup includes entertainment, news, and specialty channels.

It covers popular networks like CBC, Global, and CHCH. Once your free trial ends, you will pay only $16.95  monthly to access content and live streams.

6. CityTV

CityTV is available  on FireTV
CityTV is available on FireTV. Image: CityTV
  • Free trial/plan? Yes. CityTV has a free 7-day trial.

CityTV is famous for Canadians looking to stream live local content and catch up on their favorite shows.

The app is available on various platforms, including FireTV, making it convenient for those who want to watch TV on their preferred devices.

With the CityTV app’s basic plan, you can access a selection of shows and live broadcasts, though you will encounter ads.

These 30-second commercials are unskippable and appear once per episode or 30 minutes. While this might be a downside for some, it’s a trade-off for the cheap plan of $4.99.

For viewers who prefer an ad-free experience, CityTV premium is available for an extra $2.99 monthly through Amazon Prime Video Channels.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV does not require subscription fees.
Pluto TV does not require subscription fees. Image: Plutotv
  • Free trial/plan? Yes. It’s completely free but has ads.

Pluto TV offers a back-to-basics approach to streaming by providing live channels that function like traditional television.

You can switch over 100 channels covering movies, shows, sports, and news.

Pluto TV is unique in that it does not require subscription fees. Thus, you can try the service without risking any upfront costs.

While this app has more ads compared to paid services, the tradeoff is being able to watch for free.

The upside is that Pluto TV delivers its linear programming through a simple on-screen guide. This makes finding something to watch straightforward, whether using your smart devices or gaming consoles.

Rather than endlessly browsing options, you can flip between live channels to discover new shows and films.

8. StackTV

StackTV  lets you watch live TV and access shows on-demand.
StackTV lets you watch live TV and access shows on-demand. Image: Amazon
  • Free trial/plan? Yes. Stack TV has a 30-day free trial.

StackTV offers a flexible way to stream channels directly through your Amazon Prime Video account.

This service includes lifestyle, entertainment, and news content from popular networks like HGTV and Food Network.

The service lets you watch live TV and access shows on-demand. This dual approach accommodates different viewing preferences.

As part of your subscription, you also gain access to kid-friendly programming, ensuring the whole family can find content to enjoy together.

Best of all, everything is seamlessly integrated within your existing Amazon account. This consolidated experience simplifies managing multiple subscriptions.

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