Spotify shuffle plays the same songs over and over! Fix

Spotify shuffle is one of the best ways to discover new music and artists. It is a perfect way to navigate new playlists, especially if you do not have favorite songs in a particular order.

However, Spotify shuffle may play the same songs over and over, making it hard to listen to new and interesting music. So, what should you do if the Spotify shuffle is not random?

Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing Spotify algorithms, there is no single way to solve a faulty shuffle feature. However, restarting the app helps to break the faulty sequence.

Also, mastering the search button is a perfect way to avoid listening to the same few songs in playlists with thousands of songs. To effectively stop Spotify from playing the same songs on shuffle, consider these options.

Update Spotify

Even though most of the changes are available to all Spotify users without updating the app, there are some exceptions. Using the latest available app version helps to avoid normal bugs such as shuffle feature freezing.

To update the app on Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your phone
  • Go to the Manage apps & devices menu
  • Scroll down to Spotify
  • Tap Update if the app has an update

If you are on iOS, update the Spotify app by:

  • Go to App Store on your iPad or iPhone
  • Tap the profile icon
  • Scroll down to Spotify
  • If the app has pending updates, tap update to download the new version

For PC users, the app will notify you when the Spotify update is available. However, you can still check whether there are new updates.

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To check:

  • Click the menu option on the top-right
  • Click the Update option to download the latest app

Log out and restart the app

Restarting the Spotify app is the easiest way to solve the bug after updating it. The option works for both mobile and PC versions.

If you listen to Spotify on your PC or Mac:

  • Close the App
  • Restart your computer
  • Launch the app again

For mobile users:

  • Go Your Library on the Spotify app
  • Scroll to Settings
  • Log Out and restart your phone

After this process, the shuffle feature will work fine without repeating a few songs. However, if you are still experiencing the problem, avoid some features such as the like button. You can also uninstall then reinstall Spotify or create a new account.

Avoid the Like button

Like button on Spotify
Image: Spotify

Spotify’s Like button is its primary tool to customize user experiences. By liking certain songs, you indirectly communicate to the app your preferred music.

However, liking songs when exploring different playlists may send the wrong signal to the app’s sequencing feature.

Unlike a few years back where you could only build a playlist by liking your preferred songs, anybody can manually create a playlist. Moreover, alternative ways of curating playlists do not trigger the algorithms to push fewer songs.

If you have liked hundreds of songs, it may be time-consuming to unlike each individually. However, avoiding the button is a perfect start in preventing the generic customization of your account.

Relook at artists’ and curators’ details

If Spotify keeps playing the same songs on shuffle even after avoiding the like button, there are higher chances you are on the wrong playlist.

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Since the playlist wave has redefined how people use the platform, it is easy for upcoming curators to copy successful playlists by creating generic lists.

The details to look at in a playlist are the number of songs and the playlist’s likes. For example, if the playlist has a similar name (to the one you are looking at) but has fewer songs or fewer likes, you are probably on the wrong playlist.

On the artist’s playlist, click the profile to be sure about the identity. In some cases, the playlist may be by a fan and not by your favorite artist.

Use specific terms when using smart speakers and controls

If you interact with smart speakers when playing music, you should redefine how you make commands to Alexa or Google Home. Since the two options are automated, using specific phrases may result in Spotify playing a few songs instead of shuffling the whole playlist.

To play as many songs as possible when using Alexa, say:

“Alexa, shuffle my (insert the name of the playlist) playlist from Spotify.”

If you have integrated Spotify with Google Home, replace Alexa in the command above. However, this command only works for your curated playlists and not when discovering new music.

Nonetheless, the command is beneficial in two ways. First, it is specific on the playlist you want to listen to music from instead of any generic playlist. Second, inserting the keyword SHUFFLE in your command is the best way to avoid playing a few songs.

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Edit personal playlists often

Spotify shuffle plays the same songs based on your preference. However, you can alter your experience by editing your playlist.

To edit:

  • Tap the playlist you want to customize
  • Open the menu by tapping the three dots.
  • Select “Sort playlist.”

You can sort the playlist in many ways depending on your preference. For example, you can put the latest music in a new playlist. Alternatively, you can sort it by grouping music in terms of an era or musicians.

Besides solving the shuffle bug, sorting music into new playlists improves your experience on Spotify.

For example, you regain control over the algorithm, which may not match your new music preference. Also, sorting playlists make it easier to add new music and discover similar releases in each category.

Alternatively, capitalize on Spotify Radio to create personalized playlists from other people’s playlists. Once you have found a well-curated playlist, tap the three-dots menu.

You will be redirected to “Go To Playlist Radio.” Through this feature, you will create an ever-growing playlist with zero repeats on certain songs.

Using the above steps to stop Spotify from playing the same songs redefines one’s experience on the platform. Also, having control over the shuffle feature makes it easier to discover new music and releases, regardless of what you love listening to on the app.

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