How to skip or block ads on Hulu

One of the main revenue streams for Hulu is commercials. The company displays these advertisements for users on Standard plans to compensate for the lower prices for this package.

While most of these ads are personalized nowadays, nobody loves disruptions when watching their favorite shows.

If you are on the standard plan, there are ways you skip or block ads on Hulu. Some of the options include:

1. Upgrade your Hulu plan to Premium

Upgrading your plan to premium is the perfect way to get rid of ads on Hulu.

While the primary role of the premium option is to improve your viewing experience and access endless entertainment, the increased subscription fees mean you won’t be forced to watch ads.

Unlike regular plans where ads can pop up in the middle of a movie or TV series, the premium plan creates an ad-free viewing experience. Therefore, you do not need plugins and third-party options to block ads on Hulu.

However, if you are on a budget or you are not ready to pay for the premium plan, you should consider the third-party options below. The options are free and safe.

2. Install Adblock on your browser

Finding an Ad blocker that works on Hulu requires patience and a lot of research. While there are tons of options for Chrome users, Adblock is unmatched.

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First, the ad blocker is free and it is one of the few that can help you to skip commercials on Hulu with ease. Second, in case you want to allow ads, you do not need a lengthy procedure.

The Adblock workaround on Hulu is as follows:

  • Open your browser and visit Adblock
  • Select “Get Adblock Now”
  • Select “Add to Chrome” (or whichever browser you are using)
  • Accept all the requests

Once you have installed the plugin, you can reload and watch your favorite shows without ads. Unfortunately, some shows and movies will not play until you disable the adblocker.

If blocking Hulu ads is impossible with this approach, consider the subsequent options below.

3. Reload the page

If you are watching a long video, you are more likely to see long commercial ads. Reloading the page does not skip the Ad but it shortens it. It cuts a four (4) minute commercial Ad to 30 seconds.

It is, however, advisable to try the method only on videos that do not accept Adblock. Also, reloading the Hulu page is ideal for you if you do not want additional plugins on your device.

Like other methods of skipping and blocking ads, reloading the Hulu page does not work always.

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4. Play the same video on two separate tabs

Playing the same program on two separate tabs is arguably the hardest way to get rid of Hulu ads.

To block ads using this method, follow these steps.

  • Go to Hulu and select a TV series or a movie
  • Open a new tab and select the same video
  • Mute the video on the second tab
  • If you encounter any Ad on your main tab, go to the second tab and continue watching your video

At the end of the program, you will not have wasted even a second on the ads. If you are on a limited internet plan, this is not an ideal option for you.


Apart from upgrading your Hulu plan to Premium, the other options of skipping ads are sometimes inconsistent.

The Adblock does not work on all videos and opening the same video on two separate tabs may be exhausting. Therefore, it is advisable to upgrade to Hulu Premium for a better viewing experience.

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