Netflix error code tvq-st-103: unable to connect or encountered an error -Fix

When the Netflix tvq-st-103 error code flashes on your TV or computer screen, it is often accompanied by the message Netflix has encountered an error or unable to connect to Netflix.

When this happens, your stream will no longer work, and you won’t be able to access Netflix.

So, what causes this error, and how do you fix it? There are a couple of ways that I found out for fixing this error.

From what I learned, this error is brought about by an internet connection issue, where your device has connected to the network but can’t access the internet.

Here are working solutions to the Netflix tvq-st-103 error:

Restart your router

Your router may have lost internet connectivity, causing the device you are using to stream to fail to connect to the internet.

As simple as this process may sound, it has actually been the most effective for people who have encountered the tvq-st-103 error.

Follow these steps to solve this Netflix error using this method:

  • Switch off or unplug the power cord on your router for about 15 seconds
  • Reconnect and wait for your streaming device to connect to the internet
  • Start Netflix

If this doesn’t solve the problem and you’ve tested your internet connection and its fine, you should proceed to the following method.

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Restart your device

Whether you are using Roku, a Blu-Ray player, Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, or any other device, restarting it could solve the problem.

Your device could be having connectivity issues, which are on most occasions, solved by a simple restart.

  • Power off your device for 10-20 seconds. Ensure that it is completely off.
  • Restart and connect to the internet
  • Open Netflix and try streaming

If Netflix isn’t working, try other apps like YouTube just to make sure that it isn’t the only app that is giving you problems.

Restore your ISP settings to default

If neither of the methods above is working and you have in recent times modified your network settings, you should restore it to default.

Try this step if all devices on your network aren’t showing Netflix. Otherwise, the first two solutions should solve the Netflix tvq-st-103 error.

On your router, you should find instructions for restoring the device to its default settings.

You should also consider uninstalling or disabling your VPN if you have one.

Another fix would be to restore your DNS settings on the device you are using.

If the above methods fail, you can try connecting your device via an Ethernet cable or creating a new wireless network. Once it is ready, try streaming Netflix on the device.

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With the steps above, I hope you’ve managed to fix the error.

However, you should consider talking to your ISP provider about the issue if you haven’t.


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  1. Omg you are my hero. I’ve been going around in circles trying to get my Netflix to work. Scouring the support sites for both Netflix and my tv to no avail. You are the first person to suggest changing DNS settings back to default and it WORKED. I love you. I hope your life is filled with all things pleasant and beautiful.


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