Why My5 is not working on your smart TV

Are you having trouble loading the My5 app on your smart TV? There are several reasons why this might be happening, from device incompatibility to network issues, app issues, server problems, and more.

Below, we have compiled several solutions to help you fix the problem. So, if My5 is not working on your TV, try the steps below.

Basic troubleshooting steps

Before you try other solutions, you should first attempt these basic troubleshooting steps:

Ensure you have a working internet connection

  • Make sure the Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to your Smart TV is working
  • Do a speed test to check whether the connection is strong and stable – a weak connection can lead to My5 freezing when streaming content.
  • If your internet connection is weak or not working, switch to another Wi-Fi network or use your mobile internet connection.

Check that My5 server is up and running

  • Go to updownradar/channel5 on your computer browser.
  • Confirm that the Channel5 server status is showing “up”.

If you have tried the above steps and My5 is still not working, try the solutions below:

Confirm that your TV is supported by My5

Device incompatibility is one of the top reasons you might have trouble loading the My5 app on your TV.

Therefore, if you can’t get channel 5 on your Smart TV, check that your device model is compatible with My5.

According to Channel5 , supported Smart TV models include:

  • Smart TVs with Android operating system.
  • Freeview Smart TVs
  • LG smart TVs
  • Roku smart TVs
  • Samsung smart TVs (but only for 2013 or later models)
  • Sony YouView Smart TVs
  • Sony Android Smart TVs (but only for 2016 to 2018 models)

So, consider using another supported Smart TV if yours is not among these models.

Alternatively, you can access My5 on other supported devices like:

  • Set-top boxes (Apple TV, Freesat, Freeview, NowTV, Roku, YouView, and Virgin Media Tivo)
  • Streaming devices – Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and NowTV
  • Mobile devices – iOS (version 10 and above) and Android (version 5.0 and above)
  • A personal computer – via the website www.my5.tv
  • Gaming consoles – PlayStation 4  

Clear the app cache

Like most apps, My5 uses a cache to improve performance or speed. However, sometimes, the cache data may become too large, leading to excessive memory usage by the app.

The data stored in the cache may also become corrupted, leading to problems loading the app. Therefore, consider clearing the app cache if you are having trouble using the My5 app.

Of course, the steps to clear your app cache will vary depending on your Smart TV model.

My5 TV app

For example, if you have a Samsung TV, do the following:

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote and go to Settings.
  • Choose the All Settings option.
  • Go to Support and select Device Care from the menu options.
  • Under Device Care, select Manage Storage.
  • Choose the My5 app, then select the View Details.
  • Select Clear Cache to delete stored cache data

After clearing the app’s cache, return to the home screen and try launching My5 again.

Update My5 application

An outdated My5 application can have bugs or other problems that can affect the app’s functionality. Some outdated versions might not even be supported by your device, which could explain why you cannot load it.

To update your My5 app:

  • Go to the application app store on your Smart TV.
  • Search for My5.
  • Check whether the app has new updates, then download and install them.

Once the update installation is complete, return to the home screen and re-launch the app to see if the problem is fixed.

Update your smart TV

Like most devices, Smart TVs use software that must be updated regularly, or you will start experiencing problems.

Therefore, you should check whether your device’s software is up to date if you notice the My5 app is not working or if you are experiencing other issues like some channels are down too.

To update your Smart TV software:

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote and select Settings from the menu options.
  • Look for Device Settings or System Information in the settings menu.
  • Go to Software Updates and check if there are new updates.
  • Download and install the updates, then restart your TV.

After restarting your TV, launch the My5 app and check whether the problem is fixed.

Stop using a VPN on your Smart TV

VPN installed on a smart TV
A VPN on a Smart TV.

Some Smart TVs have a VPN feature, which can be a great way to access geo-locked content. And while this is technically not illegal, most streaming services have strict guidelines on using VPNs.

On top of that, streaming services that allow VPN use will occasionally ban VPN IP addresses if they notice suspicious activity.

Therefore, if My5 is not working on your TV, you should check to ensure the VPN option is not enabled, then try using the app again.

Re-install the My5 app

The My5 application can also become corrupted, leading to many problems.

Therefore, you should consider re-installing the app if, unfortunately, it has stopped working and the above solutions are not fixing the problem.

To re-install your My5 app:

  • Go to the application manager on your Smart TV.
  • Select My5 from the list of the installed apps.
  • Choose Delete or Uninstall.
  • Go to the dedicated application store on your TV.
  • Search for My5 and install a fresh version of the app on your TV.

Launch the app once the installation is complete and check whether the problem has been fixed.

Try using My5 on another device.

A problem with your Smart TV is another possible explanation for why My5 isn’t working.

This could be anything from a software bug to a problem with your TV hardware. Therefore, you should try using My5 with another Smart TV, mobile device, or laptop.

And if this works, you should call a technician to check and fix your TV.

What worked for you?

Could you share what step worked for you? Let us know in the comments section below, and you could help many people out of this problem.

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