Hulu keeps logging me out! Here’s a fix

Is Hulu logging you out as soon as you log in? Well, many users have reported this problem across different platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Firefox, Chrome, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, and many smart TV models.

There are different ways to solve this problem so that you can resume streaming your favorite TV shows and movies on Hulu.

No matter the device you are using, follow our comprehensive stream troubleshooting guide to diagnose and solve the problem when Hulu keeps logging you out.

Solutions when Hulu keeps logging you out

  1. Clear cookies and cached data
  2. Sign out of other accounts
  3. Switch to a different browser
  4. Lower video quality
  5. Delete multiple devices from the hub (for smart tv users)
  6. Close bandwidth-intensive apps
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the app

Here is a detailed explanation for each of these fixes.

Solution #1: Clear cookies and cached data

One of the most common reasons for Hulu signing you out immediately after signing in is cache buildup.

Cache, either on a browser or an app, is used to store parts of the pages you visit in order to speed up your experience when using a website or an app.

However, this can cause a conflict when you log in to Hulu on a browser that has a previous cache of the website.

Follow this guide to clear cache from different browsers.  If you are using other devices, follow the guidelines below to delete cache and cookies.

How to clear Roku cache

Roku device
Photo: Roku
  • Select Home from the main menu
  • From the Roku remote control, press Home five times followed by Up then Rewind twice then fast forward
  • Wait for about 15-30 seconds for Roku to clear cookies and cache and restart.
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How to clear Amazon Fire TV Stick cache

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Click on Manage All Applications
  • Select Hulu
  • Click Clear Cache and Data
  • Restart the app

How to clear Xbox cache

  • Press and hold the Xbox power button until it turns off completely
  • Unplug the power cable then press and hold the Xbox power button for about 5-10 seconds to expel any remaining power
  • Plug in the power cable
  • Wait for your Xbox to power up then turn it back on

How to clear Apple TV cache

  • Switch off your Apple TV device and wait until it turns off completely
  • Unplug the power cable and wait for about a minute
  • Plug the power cable back and power on your Apple TV

How to clear PlayStation cache

  • Press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller
  • Select Turn Off PS and wait for it to power down completely
  • Unplug the power cable for about 30 seconds to discharge any remaining power
  • Plug the cable back and restart your PlayStation

Solution #2: Sign out of other accounts

Hulu app

Hulu may keep logging you out if any of the open social media or e-mail accounts on your browser are linked to another Hulu account.

If you had used your Facebook, Gmail, or any other account to sign up for a Hulu account, make sure to delete the old Hulu account first before you log into the new one.

If you are not sure of the account you previously used, log out of your social and e-mail accounts one by one until you discover the cause of the problem. Once you find it, ensure to delete the Hulu account.

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Follow these steps to dissociate your account if you used Facebook to sign up for your old Hulu account.

  • Open Facebook and go to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Go to Logged into Facebook
  • Find and delete Hulu

After you have dissociated the account, you can now log into your current Hulu account.

Solution #3: Switch to a different browser

In some instances, your browser could be the source of the problem. Try logging in to Hulu from another browser e.g. Microsoft Edge.

If it works, then you should update your previous browser or uninstall and then reinstall it again.

If you are still encountering problems on a new browser, make sure that you have logged out of the previous browser.

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Solution #4: Lower video quality

Playing videos in high-resolution increases the processing demands on your device and could cause Hulu to crash.

To lower the resolution on Hulu, hover over the gear icon at the bottom of the video player and choose lower video quality.

Solution #5: Delete multiple devices from Hulu

Hulu streaming service

Hulu may keep logging you out on a Samsung Smart TV or any other device when you have registered more than one account on the same device.

To solve the problem permanently, do the following:

  • Open the Hulu website and sign in to your account
  • Go to Your Account
  • Select Manage Devices which is next to Watch Hulu on Your Devices
  • Scroll down and find the device you are using. It should appear as a duplicate
  • Click Remove next to the old entry or entries if you have more than two
  • Restart your TV or whichever device you are using
  • Log in to Hulu and activate using the code you will be provided with
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Hulu should now be working on your device. If you are still encountering problems, confirm if the device you are using has been added to your account.

Solution #6: Close bandwidth-intensive apps

Make sure you aren’t running any bandwidth-intensive apps, either on your computer or another device that is sharing your internet connection.

Pause downloads and other heavy applications before you retry signing into Hulu again. If not, you might have to switch to a better router.

Sometimes a background application, for example, a Windows update, may be causing this problem.

Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc and look for apps and services that are using the most bandwidth. End these processes and retry signing into Hulu.

Solution #7: Uninstall and reinstall the app

If you are using the Hulu app and every step that we’ve provided in this troubleshooting guide doesn’t work for you, then your app could be corrupted.

The only solution is to uninstall the app and reinstall a new version. Make sure to clear app data after uninstalling the app if you are using a PS4, Xbox, or a similar device.

While Hulu has some of the best TV shows and movies, your entire streaming experience can be ruined if it keeps logging you out. Hopefully, you’ve tried our fixes and found them to be helpful.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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