How to record Now TV programmes

Now TV is one of the best subscription-based TV services. It offers contract-free access to Sky’s premium channels.

As a subscriber, you can get entertainment, movies, and sports channels. Also, you can use the service to save videos and shows to watch later.

You can also download them to watch offline. But can you record Now TV programmes?

You can pause and rewind all live TV channels for up to 30 minutes. But you can only do that if you have the recommended devices.

These include Smart Stick, Smart Box with 4K & Voice Search, Smart Box with Freeview, and Box (black). On other devices, you can only pause or rewind on-demand TV shows and movies.

However, you cannot record the whole series on the live TV channels or any device. Because Now TV does not have a recording option, it does not mean you cannot record your favourite movies. Instead, you can use a Now TV recorder.

Ways to record live programmes on Now TV

Here are some recorders that you can use to record Now TV:

1. YouView Box

YouView is a set-top box for your TV. It combines basic digital TV channels and on-demand services via a broadband connection.

The device allows you to rewind and pause live events, as well as record programmes. Now TV is available on YouView. To record Now TV on YouView, follow the steps below:

  • Open Now TV or a programme you want to record
  • On the YouView remote, press the record (R) button

As long as the programme is currently broadcasting or upcoming within the next seven days, the Now TV record box will record it for you.

If it is a series, YouView will allow you to record the entire series. But you cannot record an already aired programme.

2. EE TV

EE TV is a set-top box that offers on-demand content, subscription services like Now TV, and many free channels. You can use it to watch live sports, television shows, and blockbuster films. You can record four programmes simultaneously on EE TV.

To start recording Now TV:

  • Press the REC button on the EE TV remote if you are currently watching live TV
  • Or, go to Channel Bar Menu
  • Press the Up or Down arrows on the remote
  • Choose a Now TV programme
  • Press the REC button on the remote

EE TV also has a timeline menu that allows you to see what is coming up on Now TV. To record the programmes:

  • Open the timeline menu by pressing the Right arrow
  • Press the Right arrow to find a Now TV programme
  • Press the REC button to start recording

EE TV has a one terabyte hard drive. That gives you enough space to record as many programmes as you want.

Happy recording

You cannot record shows, movies, and live TV on Now TV directly. A recordable Now TV box is what you need. As a subscription service, Now TV is only available on select devices.

These include Roku, Android, iOS, YouView, EE TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Your best bet for recording a programme is to use YouView or EE TV. The two devices have a record option and support Now TV.


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