fuboTV “too many devices in use” error: meaning and the fix

A fuboTV account allows you to stream and record live sports and TV from leading global channels. You can watch over 100 channels on any device, including desktop, iOS, Roku, Android, Smart TV, and more.

After signing up, you can create up to six profiles. Each profile will have its favorite channels, recordings, and followed series.

How many devices can you use on fuboTV?

When you subscribe to fuboTV, the service allows you to stream its content from two devices simultaneously.

If you try to stream from several devices, an error with the message – too many devices in use – will occur. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t add more devices to your fuboTV account.

Here are three ways to beat the “too many devices in use” error on fuboTV:

Subscribe to Family Share

With Family Share, you can stream from one extra device to have a total of three streams. However, Family Share is available for an additional $5.99 per month.

Subscribe to Family Share Max

Family Share Max will cost you $9.99 per month. With the option, you will stream on up to five devices. However, you have to connect the devices to your Home Network.

You will also get two more streams outside your home using web browsers or mobile devices. This gives you a total of seven screens.

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Subscribe to Family Share + Family Share Max

If you want to stream on five devices on your Home Network, you will have to subscribe to both Family Share and Family Share Max.

You will also get three streams outside the home using a mobile device or web browser to get a total of eight screens.

Can I share my fuboTV account?

As noted, you can only subscribe to one fuboTV account. However, you have the option of creating six profiles. You can share the profiles with six family members.

But depending on your plan, all users will have to be on the same home network to allow for multiple fuboTV streams.

Can I stream fuboTV from multiple locations?

You can access fuboTV in different locations at the same time. First, you must ensure you are using a supported streaming device or web browser.

However, you cannot stream the service in different locations if you are using a Smart TV or any TV device.

If you stream fuboTV from two locations using a Smart TV, you will get an error. It will indicate that you are watching from too many locales.

The only way of continuing with your programming is to end the stream on one TV.

Although you can stream from different areas simultaneously, sometimes you may encounter an error. The error message will read – You have too many TV devices streaming in different locations.

When this happens, here is what you need to do:

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The option for ending a stream will display on your screen once you receive the error message.

How to fix the “too many devices in use” error

Other ways to fix the “too many devices in use” error are:

  • Reduce the number of devices that are streaming at the same time. Ensure you are within your subscription plan.
  • Stop streaming using two TV devices from more than one location.
  • Check whether other users are streaming live programs from the same broadcaster on more devices than allowed. Consider choosing a different channel. Depending on the broadcaster, they will only allow a maximum of five devices streaming simultaneously.
  • Change your password if you think an unauthorized user is accessing your account.
  • Close the fuboTV app on all devices from which you are not streaming. Alternatively, consider signing out from all devices.
  • If you are using an internet browser, ensure you are accessing content from one tab. That means you will have to close other open tabs playing videos.
  • When streaming on a mobile phone or tablet, sometimes you tend to go to the home screen and lock it. However, that may not end the stream. Therefore, close the fuboTV app first to ensure it is not streaming actively.
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If the above steps do not work, consider contacting customer support services.

Wrapping up

You can watch fuboTV on multiple devices at the same time.

However, the service only allows you to access it from three devices simultaneously. If you want to stream videos from more devices, you will have to pay an extra amount.

Also, you can watch your favorite shows from two or more locations on mobile or tablet. But fuboTV does not allow you to stream from multiple locations if you are using a Smart TV.

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