Can you get Freeview without an aerial?

From 2002, Freeview has redefined how people in the UK consume media, specifically television.

In the last two decades, TV as a medium has also grown, giving people different means to access their favourite shows, documentaries, news, and live broadcasts. But, can one enjoy Freeview without an aerial?

For most people, aerial installation means more investments. Fortunately, Freeview has diversified its services, and you can watch Freeview channels, even without an aerial.

For a better viewing experience,  choose one of the following options.

Watch Freeview using internet-based options

In the past two decades, Freeview has invested in different platforms. One of the key platforms the UK based television platforms for this growth is the internet-based option.

Freeview online is not only a viable alternative to the traditional aerial TV but also a platform to access more content from BBC, Channel 4, Sky, and ITV.

Some of the internet-based options for Freeview customers include

1. Smart TV

Freeview on Smart TV is one of the most popular ways of accessing your favourite TV program without aerial.

Since all Smart TVs have access to the internet, you do not need a traditional aerial to watch TV.

However, some platforms (outside the Freeview platform) may require an aerial for better viewing.

2. Freeview app

Freeview app is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative products by the company. The app, which is available to all Android and iOS users defies the notion that one needs an aerial to access TV services.

In addition to making all your favourite TV programs available on mobile platforms, the app is innovative in terms of the user interface.

3. Smart TV Stick

If you do not have a smart TV and you are not on the Android ecosystem, you can still access Freeview services using a Smart TV stick.

However, you must ensure to follow the installation processes carefully for better viewing. Here’s a video guide of the same:

Alternatives to internet-based options

Do you need the internet to watch Freeview? You can watch Freeview with or without the internet.

Since we’ve covered methods that require the internet, the following are two ways to watch Freeview without the internet:

1. Satellite TV

Although most people confuse Freeview aerial with satellite TV, the two are not related.

In this case, the Freeview app allows you to access your favourite TV shows using a satellite dish — which is different from the traditional aerial.

2. Screen mirroring

Phone-screen mirroring is a new technology, especially to millions of people that use Freeview services. In this case, you do not need to connect your TV with either aerial or internet.

It would be best if you had a phone and a TV that have screen-sharing features. Everything you view on your phone; you can also access on your TV.

Available channels on Freeview

Whether you are using aerial or internet to watch your TV, the following are some of the channels that are available on Freeview.

  • All BBC channels
  • ITV channels
  • Sky channels
  • Channel 4

Ready to watch Freeview?

The versatility of Freeview in the world of TV is unmatched. You can either access your favourite TV shows with either a TV set connected to an aerial or through the internet.

The availability of many options makes Freeview an excellent source of entertainment.


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