How to cancel BT Sport subscription

BT Sport brings together lots of television sports channels at a subscription fee. You will have to choose a package to enjoy watching sports events like the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League.

If you are a subscriber, you may have wondered whether canceling the BT Sport subscription is possible.

You can get BT Sport from as low as £10 per month depending on the type of customer you are.

For example, the BT Sport online player and app are only available with BT Broadband packaged from £10 per month.

But if you choose the BT Sport Pack on Sky and Virgin, that amount can start from £20 a month. If you are using EE TV, you will have to pay £10 per month to use the service.

What if you want to cancel it altogether, regardless of the type of subscription you have?

Ways to cancel BT Sport subscription

Here are several ways to cancel your BT Sport subscription:

1.  For EE TV users

As an EE TV user, the service will let you know when your subscription will end. It will also inform you when they will start charging you a fee to view on multiple devices.

To cancel BT Sport on EE TV, you should do the following:

  • Text STOP SPORT to 150
  • The service will ask you to either text STOP BIG SCREEN or STOP LARGE

Texting either option will stop you from viewing the large-screen service. But it will not cancel your BT Sport mobile access.

If you decide to cancel the application after the end of a 3-month free offer, you will pay for the service until the next billing date.

2. Cancel after the 14 days window

Once you take BT Sport, you agree that you want to start watching content immediately. That means you do not have to change your mind or cancel BT Sport after 14 days.

To cancel it, you will have to give a 30-day notice.

If the service comes with a set minimum term, you might have to pay a small fee to end it early. Email BT to get more information on canceling after 14 days.

3. Cancel BT subscription online

You can use My BT to manage your account and subscriptions with BT. But the option does not allow you to cancel the service online.

If you want to cancel BT Sport online, you will have to use an online chat option provided by BT to contact them.

4. Cancel over the phone

You can cancel your BT Sport package over the phone. To do this, you must have your account number ready, then do the following.

  • Call BT Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm, Saturday 8 am to 8 pm, Sunday 9 am to 6 pm

The numbers to call are as follows:

  • 0800 783 1401 from landline
  • +44 179 359 6931 from abroad

If you want to cancel your BT Mobile service, you can call 0800 389 8414 or +44 179 359 6931 from a landline or abroad.

In conclusion

The easiest way of canceling BT Sport is to call the service provider. If you can’t cancel BT Sport through My BT, start an online chat to talk to one of the representatives.

Alternatively, contact your respective TV provider, e.g., EE TV, Sky, Plusnet, among others, for more information.


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