The Weather Channel app not working? The fix!

The Weather Channel is not only accurate, but it also gives timely weather updates. Like other apps, it may fail to work sometimes.

For example, the app may be blank, even with an internet connection.

If the Weather Channel app is not working, here are the probable causes:

  • The app is probably not updated.
  • The gadget may be denying permissions requested by the app, such as location access.
  • Normal app glitches

Troubleshoot The Weather Channel app not working

Here are actionable solutions if the Weather Channel app stopped working.

1. Update the Weather Channel app

Like other apps on iOS and Android, the Weather Channel pushes updates that fix bugs. Therefore, updating the app is the easiest and most effective way of solving this problem.

To update the app on the iPhone:

  • Go to the App Store
  • Click the profile icon.
  • Go to the pending updates.
  • Update the Weather Channel app
  • Restart your iPhone

To update the Weather Channel app on Android:

  • Click the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Go to My apps and games.
  • Select the Weather Channel
  • Tap Update
  • Wait for the app to update
  • Restart your device.

This solution solves the error. However, if the app is not working after updating it, check the subsequent steps.

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2. Authorize app permissions

Weather Channel app relies on location access on your phone to run and give accurate updates.

If the app cannot access the requested permissions, it will not give accurate readings and eventually stop working.

To authorize the app requests on the iPhone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Privacy
  • Select Location Services
  • Toggle to the ON position

To authorize app permissions on Android:

  • Open Settings on your device
  • Go to Apps and Notifications
  • Select Advanced
  • Tap App Permissions
  • Go to Location Permissions
  • Allow the Weather Channel app to access the phone’s current location.

3. Reinstall the app

If the Weather Channel app won’t work after the above steps, you should uninstall then install the app again.

Reinstalling is more efficient than updating the app since it removes all the app’s data, including cache.

To reinstall the app on Android:

  • Click the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Go to My apps and games.
  • Select the Weather Channel
  • Tap Uninstall to remove the app on your device
  • Search Live Weather app.
  • Download the app
  • Restart your device

If you are on an iPhone, reinstall the app by following these steps:

  • Tap and hold the Weather Channel App
  • Click Remove app to delete the app
  • Go to the App Store
  • Search the Live Weather app
  • Tap GET to reinstall it
  • After downloading is complete, restart your device
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If you are using the Weather Channel app for Windows 10, use the window’s troubleshooter option. To run this option:

  • Go to the search option on your Windows 10 device
  • Type Troubleshoot settings and click enter
  • Go to Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
  • Click Run the Troubleshooter
  • After the task is complete, restart your device.


Like other apps on your phone, checking available updates on your respective app store solves the functionality problem.

Also, ensuring that the app has permissions — such as running in the background and accessing your correct location — helps the app run smoothly.

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  1. I’m getting a blank screen for the main screen. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my phone, cleared the cache and the data, made sure all permissions were checked and still receive a blank home screen. How do I fix this? I pay for premium but this is not a premium benefit if I can’t access the information.

  2. Your new app is the biggest piece of crap I have ever downloaded!! It takes 1.5 min to download & get to the radar & Future. I checked 40min future forecast. It showed a green Cloud N of us. 30 min later I was @ bank.
    Black clouds with lightning and winds were in the direction of my house. I had warnings from other sites on my phone. Your radar still showed a green cloud N of my property I had branches down. Damage to my pool deck. High winds blowing.
    15 min AFTER this mess your radar showed a severe storm north of my location. This is not the first time for this crappy app. I’ve been standing in the rain and the radar app is showing clear skies! The one you discontinued was 200% better! This one is a Dangerous Joke for people like me that rely on it for agricultural decisions.
    I’m out in the Storm because a $15,000 mare & foal was left out in this mess…and also trying to save my pool! I do not have an extra $5,000 for liner replacement due to severely unreliable weather apps! You seriously need to rebuild that mess you created. Or bring the reliable one back! I really wish I could download my videos of that mess.

  3. I have tried EVERYTHING, but still no volumn on the videos on TWC app. I have uninstalled & reinstalled, checked every toggle switch…nothing gets the volumn to work on the videos. Any fixes for that??


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