Is Maurice Bernard leaving General Hospital in 2024? Here’s what we know

There’s been quite a buzz lately about Maurice Benard, who plays the iconic Sonny Corinthos in General Hospital.

Rumors are swirling that he’ll be bidding farewell to Port Charles this year. Let’s dive into what’s really going on.

Why fans think Maurice might be leaving General Hospital

The speculation started when Maurice Benard posted a heartfelt message on social media thanking his fans for their support over the years. This understandably got people wondering if it was a hint about his departure from General Hospital.

Additionally, Benard had updated his Twitter bio, removing the mention of GH, sparking even more speculation.

Despite the rumors, Maurice Benard hasn’t officially confirmed that he’s leaving General Hospital.

In fact, he recently addressed the speculation in an interview, reassuring fans that he’s still part of the GH family. Benard emphasized that he loves playing Sonny and has no plans to walk away from the role anytime soon.

In response to the bio change on Twitter, Benard humorously mentioned that his wife had updated it without his knowledge.

Decoding his cryptic message on Twitter

In addition to his assurances in interviews, Maurice posted a series of tweets specifically meant to calm our worries.

In one of the tweets, he says:

“I’ve had many close friends leave General Hospital. Of course it’s always sad, and sometimes confusing, I believe when you are talented it’s always a blessing in disguise, I will always call @marcuscloma the filmmaker!!! Go kick ass”

And it seems GH has supported him even as he battles mental health issues. In a post on X, he credits the show for keeping the conversation about mental health in the public.

“As far as the General Hospital, there have been a lot of talk about mental health lately people are concerned about my health, I like it talk brings awareness. GH has always done an impressive job with bipolar stories, it can’t be perfect. It’s TV not real life.”  

Maurice Benard is staying … at the moment

Maurice Benard is staying put on General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos.
Maurice Benard is staying put in General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos. Image: X/dcconfidential

So, there you have it, GH enthusiasts! Maurice Benard is staying put in General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos. The rumors about his departure were just that—rumors.

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Let’s continue to enjoy watching Sonny’s compelling story unfold on our screens. As always, stay tuned for more drama, romance, and twists in Port Charles!

Remember, in soap land, rumors often swirl, but it’s best to hear the truth straight from the source. Maurice Benard is here to stay, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Sonny on Hulu!

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