Android TV remote is not working? How to fix

Though your remote may seem like a small part of your TV package, it holds a very crucial part of the overall operation of your TV. This is especially true nowadays when TVs are getting thinner and access to most functions is only possible through the remote.

If your Android TV remote control is not working as it should, most probably the problem lies with the TV’s IR sensors, the remote batteries, or the software.

Below we have outlined various troubleshooting solutions you should apply whenever your Android TV remote isn’t working as it should.

1. Check the batteries

The reason your Android TV is not responding to the remote could have something to do with the batteries.

First, you need to remove the batteries, then press down on the remote’s power button for at least 20 seconds. This step serves to use up any residual power left in the said remote.

After which, you need to wait for at least two minutes before returning the batteries to the remote. Your remote should work at this point.

Assuming the above trick does not work, replace the batteries with a new pair or ones not more than three years old.

If the remote does not work, the problem is definitely not the batteries. Try the next solution.

2. Remove any obstacles between the remote and your TV

person holding tv remote

Considering remote controls work by sending transmissions to the TV’s inbuilt receivers, it is hard for them to work impeccably if any obstacles block the transmission path.

Sometimes, the remote might still be operational but with a slow response rate when this happens.

To prevent this problem, remove any obstacle on the path between where you are using the remote and the TV. If the remote is still slow, reduce the distance between you and the TV for faster transmissions.

Assuming the problem persists, it could be that the sensors for either your remote or the TV are weak and need to be replaced.

It is advisable to enlist the help of an expert.

3. Check for unresponsive remote buttons

Often, only a few of the buttons on your remote do not work, while the rest are fully operational.

But if the buttons which work are crucial such as the power button, it would be difficult to determine which ones work and which ones don’t.

You can use a simple hack to tell which buttons are not working.

Grab any device with a functioning camera; it might be your phone or a digital camera. If you choose to use a phone, use the front camera because the rear camera will not show light.

The next step is to open your device’s camera of choice and then point the remote sensor directly towards the camera. If you look directly into the camera, you will see the light each time you press a button on your remote control.

If you do not see the light, then the particular button that you are pressing is broken. Furthermore, if the light continues to flicker long after you have released the button, then it is stuck.

If too many buttons are spoilt, it might be time to consider getting a remote replacement. However, a few buttons can be remedied by the step listed below.

4. Clean the remote control

Cleaning a TV remote

In most households, the remote control is used daily. This means that it collects all sorts of dust and debris, making it less responsive.

Start with removing the batteries and pressing down the power button for a few seconds to clean it.

Next, mix three parts of water and acetone in a bowl, dip in an earbud and use it to clean the remote’s battery terminals. You can stop at this step or you can proceed to clean the whole remote for thorough results.

If you intend to clean the inside, you will need to take a picture of the button placement in your remote, assuming all the buttons will not be joint on one sheet. Then, proceed to open the remote by screwing open any screws that hold it together.

Dip the buttons into the cleaning solution of water and acetone you had made earlier and brush them gently using earbuds. Afterward, rinse them in warm running water and leave them somewhere to dry totally.

As the buttons dry, clean the remote control circuit using a cotton bud soaked in alcohol. Make sure the cotton bud is not dripping wet, as using too much may destroy the electrical parts of the remote.

Hang the cleaned circuit to dry with the buttons and assemble them back together when you are confident they are thoroughly dry.

5. Troubleshoot the voice featureGoogle remote with voice control

A malfunctioning voice feature on your remote control may cause a lot of inconveniences. To resolve the problem, press the MIC button on your remote

If it does not produce either a green or amber light, you need fresh batteries or reset your remote, as shown in the steps above.

On the other hand, if the light turns amber or green, then unplug your TV from its socket for about two minutes or instead hold down the power button on the remote for at least five seconds.

Afterward, you can connect the remote to the TV via Bluetooth by going to Settings and pressing Remote Control/Remote and Accessories.

Whichever TV brand you own, it should have one of the three aforementioned choices.

After pressing the option, click on ‘connect via Bluetooth,’ and your remote should work fine.

6. Update your TV software

Though it is implausible that the state of your TV software might be affecting your remote operations, it is not impossible.

Check your notifications for any available software updates, and make sure you update if any is available.

If, after using the above troubleshooting methods and your remote still does not work. The problem might be hardware-related.

Perhaps someone sat on it or dropped it in water, among other accidents. In such cases, you might need to permanently replace the remote.


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