Fix: YouTube playlist won’t play the next video

The autoplay feature on YouTube is designed to automatically determine what videos you want to watch next, removing the hassle of having to do it manually.

After watching a video, the service will play a related one automatically based on your watch history. But sometimes, when you have the feature on, your YouTube playlist won’t play the next video.

This problem usually occurs after the first video in the queue ends. At this moment, the next one does not play automatically. It can either stop or the first video will be put in a loop.

Why YouTube playlist is not playing the next video

You may be facing the YouTube playlist Autoplay not working problem because of several reasons:

  • You have disabled the Autoplay feature on your device
  • Your device is using a metered mobile network
  • The videos have been playing for over four hours

The following methods will help you to get a YouTube playlist to play continuously.

1. Be active on YouTube every 30 minutes

If you are playing YouTube videos on a mobile network, you must be active on the platform for 30 minutes. Otherwise, Autoplay will not start if you have been inactive for 30 minutes.

What if you are using a Wi-Fi network?

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In this case, Autoplay will stop playing the next video after four hours. That happens because YouTube is preventing long Autoplay sessions a user might forget.

But in general, you must be active on the platform to play videos continuously.

2. Enable YouTube Autoplay

If you want to get YouTube playlist to play to the end, you need to enable Autoplay on your device. Generally, YouTube switches Autoplay on by default.

But if you have disabled the feature, here is what you should do.

  • Open the YouTube app on your device
  • If you are using Android, tap on your profile
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Autoplay
  • Turn on Autoplay by toggling between on or off

Once you turn Autoplay on, open a playlist, and try again.

3. Update your YouTube app

If you notice a playlist not auto-playing on your app, consider updating the YouTube app.

On the iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to the App Store
  • Tap on Updates
  • Tap on Update if your application is not up-to-date

You can also do the same for Android devices by going to Google Play Store > My Apps and Games. Next, find YouTube and tap on Update.

4. YouTube Glitch

YouTube Autoplay may not be working on mobile because the service is experiencing a glitch.

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That can happen when the streaming platform wants to release a new update or interface. In that case, you will have to wait until YouTube fixes the problem.

5. Contact YouTube

If all methods to fix the problem continues, contact YouTube for a quick resolution. Describe the issue you are facing and ensure to send a screenshot where possible.

You can also subscribe to the TeamYouTube Channel to get the latest updates and help.


If YouTube music Autoplay is not playing, check whether you have disabled the feature and enable it.

The feature can also stop working if you have been inactive for 30 minutes on a mobile network or four hours on a Wi-Fi network. For a quick fix to the issue, contact YouTube support.


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