YouTube could not update video settings – How to fix?

YouTube is one of the top entertainment services, with an almost endless number of videos from all over the world on its list. However, aside from watching videos, you can also create your own videos – which can include you singing, dancing, cooking, or doing other things – and share them with the world.

To do this, you just need to create your YouTube channel and go to the “Upload Video” section to share your content.

Unfortunately, sometimes when you are trying to upload the video, you can receive an error message “YouTube could not update video settings. Please try again later”, which makes it impossible to publish your content.

What are the reasons for YouTube could not update video settings error?

There are several reasons why you can receive the “failed to update video settings on YouTube” error. The top ones include a network connection problem, a glitch with your browser, or if you are uploading too many videos within a short time frame.

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The error is very frustrating since it means that you do not get to publish your videos when you want to. It also means that you might have to repeat the upload process again, especially when some of the video information is not saved.

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Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that can help you fix the error, and go back to publishing your videos on YouTube. Below is a look at some of these solutions:

  1. Restarting the browser
  2. Clearing browser cache and cookies
  3. Resetting your network connection
  4. Waiting for a short period before re-posting the video

Solution #1: Restarting the browser

Browser glitches are quite common, and they can affect your online functionality in one way or another. Therefore, if you are experiencing problems when posting a video on YouTube, a browser glitch can be the cause.

Restarting the browser (closing all tabs and windows and opening the browser again) can help fix the issue.

Solution #2: Clearing browser cache and cookies

When cached data and cookies become corrupted, it can cause a number of problems to occur when using the browser.

Clearing the cookies and cached data allows for a refresh/update of the cached data, which can help to fix the problem you are experiencing.

Therefore, if you can’t publish on YouTube, clearing cookies and browser cache can help to fix the issue and allow you to post your videos.

Solution #3: Resetting your network connection

Network problems such as no internet connection or slow load speeds can make it impossible to publish videos on YouTube.

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It is a good idea to first check if your internet connection is working when you experience the “YouTube could not update video settings. Please try again later” error.

If the connection is good but you are still receiving the error message, you should perform a speed test to ensure that the connection speeds are good.

If they are not, rebooting the router can help (by redistributing the bandwidth more efficiently). A reboot can also help to fix connection issues that can be caused by router software glitches.

If the speeds are too low, increasing the bandwidth might be the only solution to ensuring that you have a smooth upload process.

Solution #4: Waiting for a short time before reposting the video

YouTube makes use of throttling during uploads, where they might block your uploads if you are publishing or attempting to publish too many videos within a short time frame.

Fortunately, the throttling is only temporary, and you can be able to publish your videos again after a short time.

So, when you see the “Can’t publish on YouTube” error, simply wait for a few minutes (about 5 to 10) then go to the video manager.

Here, you will find the video you were attempting to upload in the draft section. Hit the publish to finish uploading the video.

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To prevent the error from occurring again, you should use delays of about 2 minutes between each upload.

Are you getting the “YouTube could not update video settings? Please try again later” error? Don’t worry, this is a common YouTube glitch that occurs from time to time.

And lucky for you, the above solutions will help you to fix the problem promptly so that you can continue sharing your content with the world.

If the above solutions do not work, the problem might not be on your end, but your internet service provider (ISP) or YouTube’s end. In such a case, your video publishing will have to wait for a while, until the problem is resolved.

Fortunately, YouTube’s creator studio saves your video and most of the video settings you have made on the app. Therefore, all you will have to do when the issue is resolved is go to the video manager and click the publish button.

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