Sky’s Entertainment OS gets new exciting features, including voice and playlists

At a glance:

  • Personalized movie and TV genre rails.
  • Enhanced voice control capabilities.
  • Easily find and access your favourite music.
  • Customizable playlists with character avatars.
  • Improved Auto Game Mode gaming experience and reduced Sky Sports Main Event latency.

Starting as a traditional satellite TV provider, Sky revolutionized the industry by developing its set-top box and streaming devices that brought a user’s favorite content together in one place.

With this latest major update to Sky’s Entertainment Operating System (OS), the company continues pushing boundaries to deliver the best possible experience to its customers.

The new OS features have been designed based on customer feedback to personalize content discovery, enhance accessibility, and make entertainment control more straightforward and intuitive.

What’s New on Sky’s Entertainment OS?

These are the new features introduced to Sky’s Entertainment OS:

1. Tailored viewing recommendations

Sky TV understands finding something to watch can be difficult. The new personalized genre rails will present over 30 categories based on what you’ve watched before to help you discover more of your favourite types of shows and movies.

Movie recommendations are available now, with TV show recommendations coming soon. Whether you like thrillers, family films, or documentaries, Sky will surface new content tailored just for your tastes.

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2. Voice control enhancements

Sky Glass.
Sky Glass. Image: Sky Group

Inspired by the popular feature on Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky Stream users can now fast-forward and rewind using simple voice commands.

You won’t have to do guesswork with remote controls or miss out on the action because you can’t press the right button.. Just say, “Hello Sky, rewind” or “Hello Sky, fast forward,” and let the magic unfold.

3. Finding music made easier

Sky has made it incredibly easy to find your favourite tunes on Amazon Music and ROXi. With just a simple voice command like “Fred Again on Amazon Music” or “Harry Styles on ROXi,” the respective app will launch.

Once open, you’ll be presented with the requested artist’s singles and albums, giving you a seamless and enjoyable music experience.

4. Playlist with personality

Your little ones will love being able to choose a character they adore, like Chase from Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig, to represent their playlist.

Seeing a fun character they know and love on their profile makes the experience interactive and engaging.

They can also easily browse songs from movies and shows featuring their favourite character with just a few clicks. The personalized playlists with characters are sure to be a big hit with the kids.

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5. Auto Game Mode and low latency for gaming

The introduction of Auto Game Mode, powered by Auto Low Latency (ALLM) technology, ensures a more responsive and lag-free gaming session.

Simply plug in your console, and Sky Glass will automatically switch to a display mode optimized for minimum lag. You’ll be fully immersed in your games without lag interruptions.

With the responsiveness of Auto Game Mode, you have the best chance at victory.

6. Sky Sports Main Event reduced latency

Watching live sports is even better when you experience the action as it’s happening.

Now, with over 20 seconds less delay, you’ll feel like you have the best seat in the house.

7. Following actors and teams

Die- hard sports fans can track player and team stats on Sky.
Die-hard sports fans can track players and team stats on Sky. Image: Sky Group

Sky understands the importance of personalization, so it’s introducing the ability to follow your favourite actors, Keep up with your favourite celebrities, or root for your preferred sports teams easily.

Add actors you admire to a dedicated playlist and find everything they’ve starred in in one spot.

For die-hard sports fans, you can track player and team stats, schedules, and scores without ever missing the latest updates.

8. Enhanced user experience and content accessibility

Show pages will soon feature Rotten Tomatoes ratings, providing a quick and convenient way to gauge a movie’s critical reception before diving in.

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Additionally, Sky is making strides in content accessibility by introducing subtitles and audio descriptions for on-demand content.

By the end of the summer, all Ultra HD on-demand content, including Sky Nature shows and blockbuster films, will have the option for subtitles. Audio descriptions will also be available soon.

9. New Sky Live games

Sky also regularly adds new motion games to its Sky Live platform to enhance its entertainment offerings.

From basketball and tennis simulations to rhythm-based games, there’s now something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Reported bugs after the new Sky Entertainment OS update

While the new updates bring many exciting features, some users have reported encountering a few bugs after the recent rollout. These include:

  • Longer loading times: On rare occasions, the interface may take slightly longer to load content for some customers.
  • Voice command errors: Some reported the voice commands to skip or rewind did not work as expected occasionally.

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