How to set up donate button on Twitch

Twitch offers its users a variety of features while streaming. A popular one is the donation feature.

This allows users to support a streamer by donating some funds to enable them to sustain their channel or gear towards a stated course. There are various ways in which you can set up donations on Twitch.

Different streamers will explore different options. It is important as a streamer to pay attention when setting up a Twitch donate button.

Some of the most popular ways of donating are PayPal and Streamlabs. Here are ways to create a donate button on Twitch.

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How to set up PayPal donations on Twitch

This is a direct method that users can use to donate directly from their PayPal accounts to yours. To set up a donate button follow the following steps.

  1. Open your PayPal account and head to the profile section and select my selling tools.
  2. On the PayPal buttons available select the update option and click on the link that prompts you to create a new button.
  3. Choose the type of button, in this instant the donation option. Type in your Twitch channel name to link the button. To customize the button, click on customize text or appearance option.
  4. Go back to the previous menu and right-click on the donation button. Select the save image as an option and save it on the desktop.
  5. Choose your donation currency type and then hit Create Button option. Go to Email Tab and follow. Select Code option. Copy this code.
  6. Open a new tab and sign in to your Twitch account. Select your username and click on the channel option.
  7. Go to the admin button and select edit. Add a new panel using the + option and then name it Donation.
  8. Go to the add image option and select the PayPal donation button saved on the desktop earlier. Check step 4 for reference.
  9. Select done. Choose the image link to Option and paste the donation button code here. (the code copied on step 5 from PayPal)
  10. You have then to describe the purpose of the donate button. You can then go back to your page home screen to view your button.
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How to add a Streamlabs donation button on Twitch

If you want your subscribers to be able to donate on Twitch through Streamlabs, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Streamlabs and go to donation Settings. You can click on the link and sign when prompted. Click on PayPal from the available options.
  2. Enter the email address that is linked to your PayPal account.
  3. Click submit to complete the process.

Here is a detailed guide for setting up donations on Twitch using Streamlabs.

How to create a Donorbox donate button on Twitch

Follow these steps to create a Donorbox donation button for your Twitch stream:

  1. Find an image to use as a donation button. Save it on your computer.
  2. Click on your Twitch username and head to the channel option
  3. Scroll to the edit panels section and switch it on. A + sign will appear.
  4. Click Sign To and select add text or image. On the text prompt, write down donate here while on the image section select add image. Upload the image saved on your computer from the first step.
  5. Head to your Donorbox dashboard and copy the link to your secure donation page.
  6. On the box that reads Image Links to paste the link here. Write down a description for the donation and submit it.
  7. Turn your edit panels off and your donations will head to your bank account. This option helps users donate on Twitch without PayPal.
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By following the steps above, you will have added the donate button on Twitch, which will enable you to receive donations from those who are watching your channel.

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