How to reset a Vizio Smart TV

It can be frustrating when your Vizio TV is not working as it should. Whenever you see a blank screen without any content loading, you can tell that something is amiss with your telly.

Many people try to fix some issues with the Vizio Smart TV by rebooting their device and updating the software. But what if you have tried everything and it fails?

The last resort is to hard reset your Vizio TV to factory settings.

Ideally, there are specific instances when resetting a Vizio Smart TV makes sense.

You can reset Vizio e series TV or any other model if:

  • The device is not turning on
  • You see random lines displaying in the middle of an image
  • You are unable to cast
  • The device randomly disconnects from your Wi-Fi connections
  • The device turns itself on and off
  • You have tried everything else to fix it with no success

Even when you notice your Vizio TV stuck in a rebooting loop, resetting it may help to solve the problem.

But how do you reset a Vizio SmartCast TV? The following is what you should do.

How to factory reset Vizio TV with a remote

If you want to perform a clear memory of your TV, follow the steps below to reset it using your remote:

  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote
  • Using the arrow buttons, highlight System
  • Press OK
  • Select Reset TV to Factory Defaults
  • Press OK
  • Enter the parental code you had set earlier as the password
  • If you do not have a code, input the default one as 0000
  • Highlight Reset
  • Press OK
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Your TV will turn off and turn back on. It will then allow you to begin the Setup process.

How to reset Vizio Smart TV without a remote

To reset your Vizio TV without using a remote:

  • Depending on the TV hardware you are using, go to the side of the hardware to locate input and volume buttons
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Input buttons for 15 seconds
  • Ensure that a banner pops up before removing your fingers on the buttons
  • Once the banner pops up, it will ask you to press and hold the input button

By following the instructions that appear, you will perform a clear memory on your device without using the remote. You can also use the above steps to reset a Vizio TV without a picture.

How to clear the cache on Vizio Smart TV

Sometimes clearing the cache on your Smart TV can fix many issues you are experiencing with it.

Here’s a guide to help you clear cache on Vizio Smart TV.

  • Press Menu on your remote
  • Highlight System
  • Select Reset and Admin
  • Tap on Clear Memory
  • Using the arrow keys, highlight Clear Memory/Factory Defaults
  • Enter your PIN or 0000 if you do not have one
  • Press OK
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If you are clearing cache, avoid pressing the Power button on your remote because it will reset the TV.


It is helpful to restart a Vizio Smart TV and try to fix some issues with it before opting to reset it. Resetting it will delete your settings and will force you to start over.

You can reset your Vizio TV either by using a remote or through the input and volume buttons on the side of the hardware.

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