Fix HBO GO Streaming on Too Many Devices Error

If you have a subscription to HBO GO, you can sign in to your account on different devices. But the service limits the number of devices that can stream from one account at the same time.

Anytime there are simultaneous HBO GO streams, a message that informs you of the same will appear. It is usually displayed as ‘You’re streaming on too many devices simultaneously’.

In that case, you will be unable to stream until you stop watching a video on the second or other tablet or computers.

HBO GO can't play video

So, how many devices can be used simultaneously on HBO GO? You can only register up to three different devices on one account.

But how many people can watch HBO GO at once? When it comes to streaming, you can only view content on two tablets/computers simultaneously.

You should never share the password and username you use for signing in with people outside of your household to avoid creating multiple profiles.

Sharing with more people will prevent you from streaming on the network at the same time.

If you encounter the ‘streaming on too many devices’ problem, you need to follow these steps:

1. Manage devices on HBO GO

First, sign in to your HBO GO account on any internet-enabled device. Once signed in:

  • On your tablet or phone, tap your Profile icon
  • Next, tap on the Settings icon located in the upper-right corner
  • If you are using your computer, choose the Profile icon located in the upper-right corner.
  • On your Profile, choose Manage Devices. You will see a list of all devices that were recently used under Other Devices.
  • Check to determine any device under the Last Used time.
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When you stop streaming on other devices, you will only start streaming again on the current device.

2. Sign out of HBO GO Remotely

You need to log out of all devices on HBO GO if you forgot to sign out of devices you no longer use. Or, do the same if you feel somebody is accessing your account without your permission.

Follow the steps below to sign out remotely.

  • Sign in to your account on any device
  • Tap the Profile icon and then Settings if you are accessing it from your phone or tablet
  • Or, choose the Profile icon if you are signing in from your computer
  • Choose Manage Devices to see a list of all the recently used devices, along with the Last Used date or time.
  • Sign out of one device. Choose the device you want to log out of.
  • You will then see a Sign Out button.
  • Or, sign out of all devices. In this case, select Sign Out of All Devices. The option will log out all active accounts, including the one you are currently using.

You will have to confirm that you want to log out of either one device or all. The steps above will also allow you to kick someone off your HBO GO account.

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You should always be within the HBO Go device limit to avoid simultaneous streams.

If you think somebody is using your account without your permission, log out of all devices. Or, change the password to your HBO GO account.


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