How to delete ‘continue watching’ on Peacock

You can delete shows from the ‘continue watching’ list on Peacock through two methods:

  • Fast-forwarding a series or TV show to the end.
  • Removing the titles from the ‘Continue Watching’ queue.

Here is a detailed step on how to proceed with the two methods.

1. Fast-Forwarding shows on Peacock’s ‘Continue Watching’ list 

The Fast Forward method is the easiest you can use to delete ‘Continue Watching’ from Peacock.

That is because the title you watched is in the ‘Continue Watching’ row since you did not finish it.

Had you completed it, Peacock would not have added it to the queue.

Here is how.

  • Launch Peacock and sign in to your account if you hadn’t.
  • Go to My Movies.
  • Go to the ‘Continue Watching’ section.
  • Locate the movie or TV show you did not finish watching.
  • Play the video.
  • Drag the progress bar towards the end.

If you have a Smart TV, use the Fast Forward button on your remote to finish the movie. Once done, Peacock will delete the title from your ‘Continue Watching’ queue.

Fast Forward is not removing ‘Continue Watching’ on Peacock

Although you can delete ‘Continue Watching’ from Peacock on Roku using the Fast Forward method, sometimes the title remains in the queue. That happens with most TV shows.

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For example, you binge-watch Modern Family on Peacock and stop at season 2, episode 5, but you fast-forward to the end of episode 5. Episode 6 of the same season will then show up. However, you do not watch the show to appear in your queue.

Modern Family

In this case, the best solution is to go to the last show of the series (episode 24). Then, play the video, press the Fast Forward button on your remote, or drag the progress bar to the end.

The series will no longer appear in your ‘Continue Watching’ section. You can also do the same for movies.

Understand that the option works for completed seasons. The new episodes will show in ‘Continue Watching’ if the season has more episodes.

2. How to remove ‘Continue Watching’ from ‘My List’ on Peacock

You can remove movies from your watch history on Peacock by going to My List. Here is how to access it on a web browser.

  • Launch Peacock and sign in to your account if necessary.
  • Go to My Movies.
  • Go to the ‘Continue Watching‘ row.
  • Find the title of the TV show or movie you want to remove.
  • Press the three dots next to the title.
  • Select Remove from My List.
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Peacock will remove the title from your ‘Continue Watching’ row.

If you use a mobile device, here is what to do:

  • Open Peacock and log in to your account.
  • Go to the My Movies tab.
  • Select the title you want to delete from Continue Watching.
  • Select the Menu button above the movie or TV show.
  • Select Remove or Forget.

The title will not appear in ‘Continue Watching’ anymore.

3. How to reset ‘Continue Watching’ on Peacock

You can reset your ‘Continue Watching’ row on Peacock by ensuring that only the first episode of the TV series appears on the queue.

The option comes in handy if you do not want to use the Fast Forward method to avoid getting a second episode.

Do the following:

  • Open Peacock and log in to your account.
  • Go to My Movies.
  • Go to the ‘Continue Watching’ section.
  • Locate the TV show you want to reset.
  • Press the More Episodes button on the right side of the video.
  • Select the first episode on the list.
  • Wait for the episode to load.
  • Exit the video.

The TV show will not start from the first episode. You will not see subsequent, or new episodes appear on the ‘Continue Watching’ list.

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You can delete your watch history on Peacock using three methods.

The first method is to go to your ‘Continue Watching’ row, play the video you did not finish watching, and drag the progress bar or press the Fast Forward button on your remote to the end.

Secondly, you can go to the ‘Continue Watching’ queue on Peacock, find the movie, and use its menu item to remove it.

Finally, you can reset titles from ‘Continue Watching’ to ensure only the first episode appears on the list and no new episodes. That means, immediately after the first episode plays, exit the video.


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  1. I know this is an old article, but it just bugs the crap out of me that it’s SO difficult to remove show/movie from continue watching. Even more annoying is that new episodes continue to show even after show is removed from watch list. I watch a lot on the Roku channel, which is completely FREE, and they have a very clear, easy to find option that says “remove from continue watching,” you select that & bada bing, that’s it! How fluffing hard can it be to add such a wanted/needed feature to their channel?!?

  2. I agree, it is crazy that other streaming platforms have that feature. Peacock needs to add it into theirs. If they can’t, or won’t, then take Continue watching out completely.

  3. They really need to address the removal of items from the continue watching list, there should be a remove option along with the ” + My List ” in the options list.


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