Why Peacock is not showing up on your LG smart TV

There are a few common reasons why the Peacock application may not appear on your LG smart TV.

For example, your software could be outdated, inhibiting full compatibility. Network issues like a weak WiFi signal could also interfere with downloading.

The good news is that many of these issues can be addressed through straightforward troubleshooting right from your sofa.

Below are the answers as to why this app is not available on your LG smart TV and their solutions:

1. Incompatible software version

LG TVs produced in 2019 and earlier may be running an older version of the WebOS operating system that is not fully compatible with Peacock.

The app requires WebOS version 3.5 or higher, released around 2020.

To check your WebOS version:

  • Press the three horizontal lines button on the remote to access the TV’s menu.
  • Select Settings > All Settings > Support and look for Software Update or System Update to find your current WebOS version number.
  • It should be 3.5 or higher.

If your TV WebOS version is lower than 3.5, follow the following solutions:

  • Check for a firmware update:
  • Visit the official LG software and firmware page.
  • Enter your TV model number, which is found in the Support section of your TV menu.
  • Search or click your model to see if a WebOS update is available for download.
  • It should be version 3.5 or newer. Download and save on your USB disk.
  • To update, ensure you have an active internet connection.
  • Go to the Support section of your LG TV menu. Insert your USB and tap on the update button to begin the process.
  • If your old TV has no updates, consider using an external streaming device like a Roku, Fire TV stick, or Apple TV. These devices have operating systems independent of your TV’s software version.
  • If your budget allows, purchase a newer LG TV model from 2020 or later to get the minimum required WebOS 3.5 or higher.
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Check this guide if you can’t update apps on your LG TV.

2. Poor network connection

Your TV needs a fast, reliable internet connection for Peacock to stream properly.
Your TV needs a fast, reliable internet connection for Peacock to stream properly. Image: Praveen

Your TV needs a fast, reliable internet connection for Peacock to stream properly. Weak WiFi signals disrupt Peacock app downloads and playback, thus rendering the app inaccessible.


Reset your WiFi connection

  • Go to Settings > General > Network.
  • Under Internet Connections, Select WiFi Connection.
  • Select your network and choose Forget to remove the saved password.
  • Select your network again to re-enter the password.

Restart your router

  • Remove your router’s power cable from the power source for about one minute.
  • Replug and allow it to fully restart before trying Peacock again.
  • If possible, use an ethernet cable as a wired connection, as it provides the best stability.

Test connection speed

  • Use sites like fast.com or speedtest.net for the testing.
  • You need a minimum of 3Mbps for the download and seamless streaming.
  • If your internet speeds are slower than what you have paid for, contact your ISP. Also, pay attention to latency; it should be below 100ms.

3. App store issues

LG Content Store
LG Content Store. Image: LG Content Store

The LG Content Store, which provides apps, could experience glitches that block specific apps. Clearing up the app cache frees up memory on your LG TV and removes all compromised data.

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To clear cache:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings.
  • Select General > Additional Settings > Clear Cache.
  • Tap Yes to begin the process.
  • Re-open the app, and it should show Peacock.

4. Peacock server issues

Rare outages on Peacock’s end would prevent the app from opening on any device, not just your TV.


  • Check if the app is working on other gadgets like your smartphone.
  • If not, check @PeacockTV on X (formerly Twitter) for announcements of any issues.
  • If confirmed, wait for Peacock to resolve the problem on their end.

5. TV software glitches

Even with the right version, bugs in your TV’s underlying software or app store can sometimes prevent Peacock from appearing or installing correctly.


Power cycle your TV:

  • Remove the TV power cord from your electricity socket or power strip.
  • Wait 40 seconds, then plug the TV power cord back in to restart fully.

Clear TV cache data:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > Additional Settings > Clear Cache.
  • This removes temporary files that could be causing issues.

As a last resort, reset your TV to factory defaults

  • Head to the Admin Menu.
  • The default password is 000000 unless you changed it.
  • Tap Factory Reset and confirm the action.
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