How to delete your Apple TV viewing history

We have all been in a situation where we want a little privacy, or we let someone else use our account to stream and are now getting recommendations based on what they watched.

Whatever your reason is, knowing how to delete your Apple TV history comes in handy more often than not.

However, there is no way to delete single shows from your history. So you either clear your recently watched content on Apple TV entirely or not.

4 ways to delete your viewing history on Apple TV

Before you delete your history, it is important to point out that if you clear the history from the Apple ID on one device, it reflects on all other devices with the same Apple ID.

1. Deleting watch history on iOS devices

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, launch the Apple TV+ app and select the Watch Now tab from the home screen.
  • Choose your Apple ID profile from the top right corner of the screen beside the Watch Now button.
  • Select Clear Play History from the list of options to clear your recently watched content.

2. Deleting watch history on your Mac

Apple TV on MacBook
Image: Apple

You can also get it done through your desktop app by following these steps:

  • Launch the Apple TV app on your Mac.
  • Select TV, and then Preferences from the menu bar.
  • Highlight the Advanced option and click Clear Play History.
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3. Deleting watch history on other supported devices

It is also possible to clear your Apple TV play history on other devices, whether Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, or any other device that supports Apple TV.

The process may differ slightly, but it is generally the same across the board.

  • Open the Apple TV app, and navigate to the top Menu bar.
  • Click the cog (settings) symbol next to the search icon.

Settings icon on Apple TV

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the menu that appears and click on Privacy. A list of options should pop up.
  • Select Clear your search history on Apple TV, play history, or both.

4. Clearing cache

If none of the other options sounds appealing, another option would be to clear the cache on your Apple TV app.

You can do this by following these steps:

  • Launch Apple TV
  • Open Settings.
  • Go to General and select Manage storage.
  • Highlight the trash icon for any item among those in the list, and then select delete.

All of the data related to the app will be deleted from your device. Therefore, if you want to use Apple TV again on this device, you will have to set it up fresh, just like you did the first time you used it.

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Because you may lose all your data and settings, this method should be a last resort.

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