Who makes ONN TV? All the answers you need

When working on a budget, getting the best LED TV can be an uphill task. However, you can find various good deals out there, including ONN TV. The ONN brand has been in existence for many years now.

The private-label brand is associated with a wide array of televisions and ONN electronics, including cables, speakers, and mice. These are sold by Walmart in Canada, the UK, and the United States.

The ONN television’s 50” LED display is capable of playing videos in 4k resolution. Consumers can use the TV to watch live programming or movies, connect to their computers or play video games.

Most people expect ONN TV to be of lower quality as compared to other established brands in the television market. However, it is the brand’s low price that remains a compelling aspect to most consumers.

Who makes ONN TV for Walmart?

Although Walmart is ONN TV’s parent company, this does not mean that it has ventured into the television manufacturing business.

Durabrand, a private label tradename for Walmart, is the primary manufacturer of ONN TV while Element Electronics Company handles all warranty repairs.

Since the television model is a generic brand of Walmart, you can only find it in major Walmart stores.

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Some of the ONN products may also be available in other marketplaces and stores from time to time, although these are always refurbished electronics. Some select models can be found on Amazon.

Owing to the unclear nature of the manufacture of ONN TV, most customers find it challenging to program universal remotes for use on their TV.

By selecting Durabrand as the manufacturer, it becomes easy for users to find the right codes to program their remotes for their ONN TV model.

Who manufactures ONN products?

Most of the ONN brand’s products are manufactured by several companies in China. These products are often sold under the Koss brand name in other stores.

Since Walmart’s production budget keeps changing, it is possible to find the same products manufactured by different companies but featuring the same model.

Due to the nature of manufacturing in China, some products may reach your local Walmart store long after the production company has stopped producing the same product.

Is ONN a Walmart brand? Yes, it is. Even though ONN TV is manufactured by Durabrand, it remains to be Walmart’s generic brand.

Are ONN TVs any good?

Whether to buy an ONN TV or not depends on personal preference.

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However, if you are not looking for the greatest hardware for your home, or are basically in need of something you can watch movies on, ONN TV makes the best option, especially because of its price range.

Besides, Walmart has an excellent warranty system and would certainly consider replacing your TV should you experience some faults as soon as you start using it.

From ONN TV brand reviews, one great advantage appreciated by most consumers is the price.

Walmart offers the TV model and other ONN electronics at prices that are far lower than other similar brands.

Most customers are also impressed by the following Features:

  • Clear images: Picture quality is one of the most appealing features of the model. It is more or less the same as the quality of some high-end alternatives. Most televisions priced within the same range as the ONN TV rarely display quality HD video. Users can watch movies in 4K while enjoying the clear colors and deep tones that are close to real life.
  • Elegant design: ONN TV sets feature elegant and modern designs that match any décor and setting. Their look and feel are way better than the amount used to purchase it. Its front has a large display that is surrounded by a slim frame. The back has various ports that are neatly arranged for easier connection to other devices.
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Most consumers already trust the brand although it has only been around for a few years.

To ensure that the TV appeals to as many people as possible, Walmart ensures that it has as many features as possible.

Final word

Most consumers expect the least functionality from ONN TVs, but get surprised at their flawless performance. Based on the low price factor, the TV could be one of the most convenient purchases for individuals seeking to play video games and watch movies.

From the robust warranty to the excellent video quality, there could be nothing significant to complain about this brand.


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