Onn vs TCL TVs: Which one should you buy in 2024?

During the early days of streaming, it was necessary to use devices like the Amazon Fire TV or Roku streaming players.

Smart TVs were expensive, and many did not have the interfaces to stream or even download apps.

But as technologies improved, the battle of Smart TVs became a norm. In fact, if you buy a brand new TV now, it is likely to be a smart TV.

Today, your choice of a Smart TV can confuse you, especially if you consider buying between an Onn and TCL TV.

So, between Onn and TCL TVs, which one should you buy?

One thing about Onn and TCL TVs is that their respective manufacturers have borrowed the technology used to build their sets from other leading Smart TVs.

When comparing the two TVs, you have to narrow down your choices to performance and features and whether they meet your expectations.

Things like design, availability, and price should be last because even the cheapest, poorly designed Smart TVs can offer better features and excellent performance.

Onn vs. TCL – Which one should you buy?

This text will compare Onn and TCL TVs based on the best features, technology, picture and sound quality, Operating System, and pricing. Also, the TV class to compare is the 75 Class 4K UHD (2160p) set.

Generally, Onn is a private brand sold exclusively by one retailer. It is one of the cheapest Smart TVs on the market, and you can buy a 75 Class 4K UHD (2160p) set for less than $700.

If you compare that price with other high-end Smart TVs, you will notice the TV is cheaper by several hundreds of dollars.

On the other hand, TCL TVs are still new on the market, and the TCL brand is slowly becoming a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry.

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TCL TVs are also affordable, and you can buy a 75″ Class 4K UHD (2160p) set for slightly less than $1,000.   

Onn vs TCL TVs – Features

Onn and TCL TVs have many features. However, the best features to compare are:

Panel technology


Onn TVs use DLED technology. Essentially, it is a matrix screen with LED backlighting.

In other words, the manufacturer placed the backlight behind the screen and not on its edges.

Therefore, rather than serving as a backlight, the LEDs in the DLED display will produce images themselves.

An advantage of DLED displays is that they allow for a seamless display, especially where no gridlines are visible between modules.

Furthermore, the technology allows for a dynamic and wide variety of colors, making the blacks almost perfect for ensuring the optimum contrast. However, the color accuracy is not efficient.

TCL TVs use QLED technology. Technically, QLED TV is LED TV.

The difference, however, is that QLED sets have a quantum-dot filter between the LED backlight and LCD layer.

As a result, they produce better colors and brightness. Furthermore, QLED technology helps to ensure better full-array local dimming, bright highlights, and better viewing angles.

So, when comparing the panel technology between Onn and TCL TVs, TCL TVs outperform Onn TVs.

Image processor

Onn TVs use an Amlogic processor to deliver ultra-fast running speed and smooth image processing performance. It can also upscale standard videos to 1080p.

TCL TVs use AiPQ Engine Gen 2 processor. The processor can upscale non-4K TV content or increase the quality of low-resolution material to reach the 4K quality. Furthermore, it delivers powerful color and contrast performance.

TCL outsmarts Onn TVs in image processing since it delivers better images and gives you the best 4K experience.

Motion and refresh rate

Onn TVs use Refresh Rate while TCL TVs use Clear Motion Index. Generally, there is not much difference between the two technologies.

Onn TVs have a Refresh Rate of 60Hz, while TCL TVs have a Clear Motion Index of 120Hz.

Refresh Rate is the static attribute of a screen, while Motion Rate is a set of techniques used to outmaneuver the downfalls of a lower Refresh Rate.

Therefore, the Motion Rate is twice the Refresh Rate when comparing the two technologies.

 So, there is no difference between Onn and TCL TVs since a 120Hz Clear Motion Index is the same as a 60Hz Refresh Rate.

As a result, both screens will decrease the appearance of blurring.

Onn vs. TCL TVs – Picture quality

Picture quality is the level of accuracy Onn and TCL TVs capture, process, store, compress, transmit, and display image signals.

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Onn TVs can produce deep shades of black and create high contrast. As a result, it becomes easier to see the detail in darker scenes.

Also, the TV can differentiate more clearly between objects when switching between light and dark scenes.

TCL TVs deliver subtle detail and can display rich and deep blacks.

Therefore, there is not much difference in picture quality between Onn and TCL TVs.

Onn Roku TV

Color accuracy

The color accuracy of Onn TVs is not excellent. Onn TVs do not deliver vibrant colors compared to TCL TVs.

Besides, TCL TVs have over one billion display colors, which is an excellent color volume to ensure high picture quality in SDR and HDR.

So, if your decision is based on color accuracy, a TCL TV will serve you best.

Onn vs. TCL – Sound quality

Onn and TCL TVs have 2-Channel 10W speakers. One channel gives you a clean tone, while the other provides overdrive.

Furthermore, both TVs use Dolby Digital technology, although TCL has Dolby Digital Plus. Therefore, Onn TVs have a decent sound quality that is also well balanced.

On the other hand, TCL TVs have a much better sound quality than Onn TVs. TCL TVs can deliver better quality sound from smaller data files.

Onn vs. TCL – Voice control

Voice control or assistants are becoming more intelligent, faster, and easier to perform everyday activities.

Although voice control has come in the place of remote controls, they are yet to replace remotes. However, the voice assistant is helpful in some ways, like searching for content.

Onn TVs do not have in-built voice assistant properties. However, you can only get voice control if you purchase an Onn TV running on the Roku TV OS.

In that case, you can set up voice control functions by purchasing a Roku remote and connecting it to Google Assistant or Alexa.

TCL TVs have in-built voice control functions. The TVs work with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Therefore, TCL TVs offer better voice control support than Onn TVs.

Onn vs. TCL TVs – Operating system

Onn and TCL TVs can support Roku TV and Android TV operating systems.

However, Onn TVs mostly rely on Roku TV instead of Android TV. Since you need an app to run programs, the comparison comes down to application selection.

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Generally, the application selection for the two TVs is almost identical. They support the most used streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO.

Since both TVs run on either OS, app availability should not worry you.

Onn vs. TCL TVs – Pricing

TCL Roku Television
Photo: Twitter

Onn TVs are cheaper than TCL TVs. For example, you can buy the Onn 75-inch 4K UHD HDR10 Frameless Roku TV for just over $650.

On the other hand, the TCL 75-inch Class 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Roku Smart TV goes for close to $1,000.

So although TCL TVs are more expensive than Onn TVs, they offer better value. But if you are on a tight budget, buying an Onn TV can still allow you to watch 4K videos.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change.

Who makes Onn and TCL TVs?

Walmart is Onn’s parent company. However, Walmart has a private label called Durabrand that makes Onn TVs.

Also, Walmart partners with Element Electronics, which handles the warranty and repair services for all Onn TVs.

The manufacturing facility for Onn TVs is in Thailand and China.

The TCL TV is a product of the TCL Corporation of China.

The TCL Corporation of China has a subsidiary called TCL Electronic Holdings Ltd that oversees the designing, production, and selling of all TCL Smart TVs.

The manufacturing facility for all TCL TVs is in China.

What are the alternatives to Onn and TCL?

If you want a TV in the high-end range, consider options like Samsung, Sony, Hisense, and LG.

Other TVs that rival Onn and TCL are Panasonic, Vizio, Philips, Toshiba, and OnePlus.

Is TCL the same as Onn?

TCL is not the same as Onn. TCL’s parent company is TCL Electronic Holdings Ltd, a state-owned Chinese technology firm.

Furthermore, TCL Electronic Holdings Ltd is the direct manufacturer of TCL TVs.

Is Onn made by TCL?

Onn TV
Photo: Walmart

TCL does not make Onn TVs. Instead, it is a Walmart-only TV brand made by Walmart’s private label trade name known as Durabrand.

Therefore, Onn’s parent company is Walmart. Furthermore, Walmart is the exclusive retailer than sells Onn TVs.

Is Onn TV better than TCL?

The Onn TV is cheaper than TCL TV. However, its performance does not compare with TCL.

Furthermore, TCL TVs do not skimp on features since some of its devices feature QLED technology with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos support, a feature that most Onn TVs lack.

Onn Vs TCL TVs: Your choice made easy

Onn and TCL Smart TVs come with many features, making it challenging to determine the best set to buy.

However, TCL TVs are better than Onn TVs in different areas, including panel technology, sound quality, color accuracy, voice control functions, and picture quality.

But the two Smart TVs are almost similar in terms of operating system support and image processing. Nevertheless, Onn TVs are cheaper than TCL TVs and are the best for those on a tight budget.

Now that you’ve made your choice, these are the latest TCL TVs and ONN TV models on the market.

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