What do the lights on my Vizio soundbar mean?

Are the lights on your Vizio soundbar lighting up? What does it mean, and how can you fix the issue?

If you own a Vizio soundbar, one of the most annoying issues you might encounter is flashing lights. And when the issue crops up, your system will most likely not work. So, what do blinking lights on Vizio soundbar mean?

The flashing lights on a Vizio soundbar can be due to several reasons. The most common one is incorrect settings, causing the system to malfunction. Other causes could be issues with the audio sources or operating the soundbar in the wrong mode.

Depending on the lights that are flashing and how they are behaving, you can troubleshoot the issue with your soundbar. Below, we will look at the most common causes of these issues and how to fix them.

What causes Vizio soundbar lights to flash?

Your Vizio soundbar flashes when something is wrong with the system. It is a warning, alerting you that there is an issue you need to fix. Below is a look at some of these possible issues:

  1. An error with the Bluetooth connection
  2. A problem with the audio input signal
  3. Faulty or corrupted settings
  4. If the soundbar is in the store demo mode

How to fix the Vizio soundbar lights flashing issue?

How do you fix the issue causing flashing lights on your Vizio soundbar? Below are some quick solutions you can use to fix the problems above:

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1. Fix your sound bar’s Bluetooth connection

When your soundbar discovers an error in the Bluetooth connection, it will flash its lights to alert you. The error could be due to the devices un-pairing or another issue that interferes with the link.

To fix the problem, press and hold the Bluetooth button for five or so seconds. This will take the soundbar to a pairing mode, leading to the lights flashing up and down.

However, once it connects to a device, the lights will stop blinking.

2. Remove any previously changed settings

Is your Vizio soundbar flashing white lights? You could be dealing with an issue of incorrect settings. The problem is likely to crop up if you have recently modified the settings in your system.

To fix the issue, you can first try turning the soundbar off then on again. Doing this will reboot the system, which can fix some faulty settings. However, if this method does not work, you might have to change the settings manually.

Go to the last settings you made and modify them. If this still doesn’t work, go through all the settings, check where there could be a problem and fix it.

3. Reset the audio input settings

Vizio soundbar lights
The indicator lights will illuminate to show which input source has been selected. Image: Vizio

Is your Vizio sound bar input lights section blinking? You are dealing with an audio input error. This occurs when, for one reason or another, the input settings change.

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As a result, the soundbar starts cycling through all the inputs, finding where the sound source is connected. Consequently, this causes the input lights section to start flashing white lights.

You can fix the issue by resetting the input settings. Simultaneously press the “Input” and the “Volume up” buttons, and hold them for five or so seconds.  Release the controls to allow the reset process to complete, and the lights will stop blinking.

Afterwards, select the proper audio source for the soundbar.

4. Exit the store demo mode

Demo mode is another reason why lights could be flashing on your Vizio soundbar. The mode is used in stores to operate the system, which means that most functions are disabled.

Therefore, if your soundbar is stuck in the mode, you might find it acting up with the lights flashing as a warning sign.

Luckily, it is a simple issue to fix. The easiest way is to use your remote or mobile app menu settings to exit the mode. If none of these options is available, you can leave the mode using hard buttons.

For this, press and hold the Bluetooth and Input buttons simultaneously for five or so seconds. The LED lights will blink four times then stop – if the lights only flash once, repeat the process.

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5. Reset the soundbar

Are you still having issues with lights flashing on your soundbar? Then, you can try resetting the system. Here’s a guide for resetting any Vizio soundbar.

The reset will remove all settings and preferences, returning the soundbar to factory settings.

To factory reset your Vizio soundbar, press and hold the Volume down and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously. Wait about five seconds, then release them.

If the reset works, the LED lights will stop flashing. You can then restart the soundbar to complete the process.


If your soundbar is flashing lights, the above are some possible causes and solutions you might attempt. The methods are guaranteed to work on most of the issues affecting your system.

However, if the problem persists, you should contact Vizio customer care for additional troubleshooting help.

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