Is Vision Plus a good TV brand? Reliability and Picture quality explained

Vision Plus has gained significant popularity in the Kenyan television market due to its affordability and decent performance.

The brand is known for its reliable operation, with its top TV models offering decent picture quality.

Read on to learn more about Vision Plus TV’s features and why it might or might not be the right choice for you.

Who Makes Vision Plus TVs?

Vision Plus is a product of China. Chinese brands have rapidly expanded in the global market, providing affordable electronics.

Vision Plus follows this trend, aiming to offer cost-effective televisions with modern features.

Features of Vision Plus TVs

Here are the features of most televisions from this brand:

1. Reliability

Vision Plus TVs are reliable if maintained properly. For maximum reliability and durability, using a TV guard is recommended. This is essential to protect against power surges common in the country.

Also, consider placing the TV in a safe location or mounting it on the wall to prevent accidental damage to the screen.

While they may not be as robust as premium brands, with the proper care, Vision Plus TVs will offer solid performance over several years.

2. Price

Vision Plus TVs are very affordable. They cater to various budgets, providing basic or more advanced model options.

Here is an overview of its prices according to various online stores:

  • 24” Digital TV: Ksh. 6,000 to Ksh. 7,000
  • 32″ Digital TV: Ksh. 8,000 to Ksh. 11,000
  • 32″ Smart TV: Ksh. 12,000 to Ksh. 14,000
  • 32″ Android TV: Ksh. 13,000 to Ksh. 15,000
  • 40″ Smart TV: Ksh. 18,000 to Ksh. 22,000
  • 43″ Android TV: Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 28,000
  • 50″ 4K Smart TV: Ksh. 32,000 to Ksh. 36,000
  • 55″ 4K Smart TV: Ksh 35,000 to Ksh. 40,000

The above prices make Vision Plus an attractive option if you want more screen size for your money.

3. Picture quality

The picture quality of Vision Plus TVs varies across models:

  • 32″ Digital TV and below: Offers 720p resolution, which is adequate for basic viewing needs, especially for local TV channels.
  • 1080p models: These range from 32-inch smart TVs and above. They provide full HD resolution, suitable for more detailed and sharper images.
  • 4K models: This picture quality starts from 43 inches and above. These models have Ultra HD resolution, offering clearer and more vibrant pictures, which are especially noticeable on larger screens.

Vision Plus TVs generally offer decent colour accuracy and brightness. The colours are vibrant enough for a pleasant viewing experience, though they may not match the precision of higher-end brands.

4. Sound quality

Vision Plus TVs have acceptable sound quality for everyday use. The audio is clear and loud enough for the average listener.

This means you can watch the news, listen to your favourite music, watch shows, and so on without external speakers and sound systems.

5. Warranty

This brand typically offers a one-year warranty for all its screen sizes. This standard warranty period provides some assurance against early failures, giving you peace of mind should the TV fail within a year.

However, his warranty does not cover damage you caused, such as breaking the TV screen or damage caused by electricity.

You could claim your warranty on their official website or return it to verified retailers nationwide.

6. Frameless design

The company’s smart TV models have a frameless design. This gives them a modern and sleek look and enhances your viewing experience by maximizing screen space and minimizing distractions from thick bezels.

7. Smart features

Vision Plus offers smart TVs with Android TV and WebOS platforms. These models provide access to streaming apps and internet browsing. You can install apps of your choice to enjoy premium shows, live TV, etc.

Their basic digital TVs can pick up free-to-air digital channels. This eliminates needing external decoders or monthly charges for services like Startimes, Go TV, DSTV, etc.

 Vision Plus has basic digital TVs that eliminates  external decoders like DStv
Vision Plus has basic digital TVs that eliminate external decoders like DStv. Image: DStv

Keep in mind that their digital TV only shows free-to-air channels. If you need premium channels, you’ll have to buy an external decoder.

8. Connectivity

Vision Plus TVs come with a range of connectivity options:

  • USB Ports: Connect the TV to external storage devices and media players.
  • AV Inputs: Supporting older video and audio devices.
  • Audio Out: For external speakers or headphones.
  • WiFi: Available on smart models for internet access.
  • HDMI Ports: Connect modern video sources like game consoles, decoders, and DVD players.

9. Power consumption

Vision Plus TVs are designed to be energy efficient, helping to keep electricity costs down. For instance, their 32-inch models use less than 50 watts of energy.

This means that watching the television for 10 hours straight will consume less than 500 watts or 0.5 electricity tokens.

The downsides of Vision Plus TVs

This brand has the following problems reported by users on reviews and social media:

1. Limited ethernet in smart TVs

Smart Vision Plus TVs lack Ethernet ports, which limits wired internet connectivity options. This is a letdown if you acquire the TV to stream in 4K quality, which needs a stable internet speed of 20 to 25Mbps.

2. Basic picture quality in lower-end models

Cheaper Vision Plus TV models have basic picture quality, especially the 720p and lower-end 1080p TVs.

They are suitable for casual viewing but may not satisfy those seeking high-definition or ultra-high-definition experiences.

Also, the high-end models tend to have low picture quality compared to their top-end competitors.

They lack features like dynamic contrast and HDR, which lowers their picture quality for tech-savvy users.

3. Sound quality issues

While adequate for general use, the sound quality in Vision Plus TVs lacks depth and richness. There’s no Dolby surround support or Dolby Atmos, and the sound can become distorted at full volume.

That means you must invest in a good soundbar or external system if you need clarity and good low notes for your music.

4. Infrequent software updates

Vision Plus smart TVs suffer from infrequent software updates, especially non-Android models.

This can lead to outdated apps and limited functionality over time. Apps like Netflix are constantly updated to work well with newer softwares.

If you have older software, you might be unable to access some of these apps. You need to buy an external Android box or Firestick to access them.

Alternatives to Vision Plus TVs

If you need better alternatives to Vision Plus in your budget, consider the following:

1. Vitron

Vitron Smart TV is popular in Kenya.
Vitron Smart TV is popular in Kenya.

Vitron is a popular, affordable TV brand in Kenya. It is more established locally and offers lower price points than Vision Plus.

This brand offers televisions with comparable features to Vision Plus but at a lower price.

2. TCL

TCL is known for its quality and affordability. TCL offers superior picture quality, reliable features, and better build quality than Vision Plus TVs.

3. Samsung

Samsung TVs are pricier, but their quality and support network make them worth considering.

Opting for a smaller Samsung screen over a larger Vision Plus can be smart if you’re looking for better performance and longer-lasting products.

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