Fix: LG Smart TV apps not working, not loading, buffering

LG Smart TV allows you to install different apps for different functions. For example, you can install streaming apps to access movies and TV shows.

But during normal use, you may encounter several LG smart TV apps not working. Problems can range from failure to install the app to the inability to run previously installed applications.

When that happens, you need a quick solution for fixing the issue. There are several ways of fixing LG Smart TV apps that are not working.

Here is a look at some of them.

How to fix LG smart TV apps not working issue

If the LG smart TV apps keep crashing, aren’t opening, won’t load, or aren’t responding, try out the following steps:

#1. LG apps are not working

The most common problem most people face is the inability to run apps. These may include YouTube, Netflix, among others. You can fix the issue by:

  • Checking network connections: LG Content Store apps may not run if there are network issues to which you have connected your Smart TV. Fix the issue by ensuring either Wi-Fi or wired connections are on. If you do not have network issues, delete and install the app again.
  • Checking your region settings: In some cases, LG won’t load apps because of your Smart TV’s region settings. The problem mostly occurs with premium applications such as Netflix and YouTube. If you are trying to access an app while in the wrong region, authentications within the app and the Content Store will fail.
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Therefore, go to Region Settings on WebOS and change your location.

#2. I can’t install apps

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You can only install apps on the Smart TV from the LG Content Store. You may be unable to install them because they are unavailable in the store.

In that case, consider changing your service country.

Network settings can also prevent you from installing apps. You must have a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to be able to install some apps.

You are also unable to install apps because your TV model does not support them.

As per LGE internal policy, premium apps and contents provided in the Smart TV may differ by device model and country.

#3. Unable to run previously installed apps

You may have no problem accessing the Content Store. If you have installed new apps, these will run as they should.

But if you cannot run previously installed apps, you need to update apps on LG Smart TV.

A previously installed app may not run if it is not up to date. Updating it will give you a fresh copy that comes with the latest features, security, and functionality.

If you are using an updated app and you are unable to run it, delete and install it again.

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#4. Fix LG Content Store is not working

The LG Content Store may not work when trying to access specific apps. If you are experiencing the problem, you can fix it by:

  • Changing the DNS to on the TV and connecting to the router
  • Hard reboot your TV

You can hard reboot your TV by unplugging it and locating the power button. Press the button for about 20 seconds and wait for a minute. Plug your TV back again and try accessing the Content Store.

We have created this detailed LG Content Store troubleshooting guide to help you fix issues where the store can’t load, or you can’t download apps from it.

#5. The apps keep freezing


An app you were using before can freeze when you are in the middle of using it. A great example is YouTube. The application can freeze when watching your third or fourth video. Luckily, there are ways of fixing it.

  • Update the app: Freezes happen if you have not updated your applications. Therefore, update the apps to continue enjoying normal services.
  • Check your firmware: All applications on Smart TV are installed on top of the firmware. However, they get their updates separately. If you have updated the app, but not the firmware, you will encounter problems.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app: In some cases, an app’s files or caches can become corrupt. Deleting the application will remove all the associated files. Once you reset the app on LG Smart TV, reinstall it and try again.
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#6. Apps are not available on the LG content store

If an app is not available on LG Content Store, it could mean you are trying to access it from an unknown location. You should change your location settings to access it.

Also, it may be unavailable because the Smart TV does not support it. Therefore, upgrade your TV or update its firmware.

Wrapping up

You can troubleshoot many LG smart TV apps not working problems by knowing their root causes.

If you try every solution and you fail, consider performing a factory reset on your TV. Should that fail also, the best option would be to contact the LG support team.


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  1. I have a LG web OS TV model No. 55UB 950 T is not coming the running condition i.e. no signal caption is not coming. As well as, no aps are working. I have tried to up date the software but not working, ad well as, factry reset also. Tried to upgrade the software through pendrive is also not working. Please advise me if any solution.

  2. So the other night a thunderstorm cane and repeatedly shut my power on and off. Got the internet to work and tried to reconnect my smart LG tv. It says it’s connected but when I click on an app it says it needs to be updated but can NEVER get the agreement to upload…wtf…I called LG and they walked me through all the troubleshooting. Still, I can’t get the agreement to upload so I can update my apps and use them. Now this huge smart tv is useless

  3. I’m pretty sure no one else uses smart iptv but I had the problem when nothing will load even when deleting the app I’ve had this issue before but I deleted it it and reinstalled it before but now its way different when I reinstalled it and opened it it was still having the same issue so I deleted the channels on it and re did it it worked but then when i restarted the app it was still not working so I considered on making it from Wi-Fi to ethernet and same thing it wasn’t working I even changed the dns server from what it was to and still nothing

  4. I have an LG 55UM7100PLB and it connects to the internet both by wifi and Ethernet. The problem is that the apps do not connect to the internet. I think the problem may lie in the fact that I am located in Spain but have set the location to the UK so I can watch UK TV. When I set it up it did everything OK, updated itself and downloaded the legal bits etc and the apps worked for about 5 mins. I use a SmartDNS on my router and the TV sets the DNS to the router DNS. I have a Sky TV box, a couple of Android phones and an Android box all working fine and all connecting to the UK via router. I just don’t seem to be able to get the TV to do the same. I have tried setting the TV to etc but nothing at all seems to do it Anyone have any ideas?

  5. Had an issue with apps running then closing down giving a video error message. Only way to fix this was to go into setting and reset the tv to factory settings and update the apps as required.

  6. I tried to turn on my T.V but it did not turn on. There was a continuous blinking occurring on the light that indicated that it turned on.


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