Matchroom Live: 5 things to know before signing up

Matchroom Live allows users to stream different types of sports such as boxing, darts, live snooker, pool, golf, poker, tenpin, fishing competitions, gymnastics, netball, basketball, and ping pong.

In addition to being one of the best streaming services for live and on-demand sports action, Matchroom also has fresh archive footage of your favorite sports.

You need to pay in order to access content from Matchroom Live since it is a premium service. But that shouldn’t put you off -it is one of the most affordable sports streaming services available. 

Besides, a subscription fee gives you access to its footage library sourced from Matchroom for nearly 40 years. You’ll also be able to stream 12 different sports even in a territory outside of the site’s existing broadcast agreements.

But should you sign up for a premium Matchroom Live account? Is it worth your money?

5 things to know before signing up for Matchroom Live

Before creating a Matchroom account to watch 12 different sports live and on-demand, you need to understand five things.

1. Matchroom Live has 3 subscription options

You’ll have to choose from the 3 subscription packages available if you want to live stream content.

Nevertheless, Matchroom is affordable and offers three subscription options.

Day Pass

The Day Pass allows you to access sports content for 24 hours.

Once you subscribe, you’ll be able to stream any Matchroom event as it happens live. You can watch as many sports as you like but only for a day.

The Matchroom Live Day Pass package costs $0.99 per day. It is a one-off payment that does not renew automatically.

Note that even if you pay for the day, the availability of events will be subject to broadcast deals that can change anytime.

Boxing event

Monthly Pass

The Monthly Pass on Matchroom costs $4.99 per month. It gives you access to all events hosted on the platform.

In addition, you can use it to watch both live and on-demand content from any location.

Once you subscribe, expect the subscription to renew automatically every month. You can, however, cancel it anytime.

Annual Pass

The Annual Pass costs $49.99 annually and gives you access to all Matchroom events for an entire year.

The pass is the best for watching unlimited content, including live and on-demand videos.

Furthermore, it is the most discounted subscription option compared to the Day or Monthly Pass. Once you become a subscriber, expect your subscription to renew automatically yearly.

2. Matchroom supports multiple streaming devices

You can access Matchroom Live on your phone, computer, or laptop. Alternatively, you’ll be able to cast its content if you have Chromecast or AirPlay.

Download the app from the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. iPhone users can also download the Matchroom app from the App Store.

The app will allow you to access all games provided by Matchroom Live, including Matchroom Pool, Boxing, PDC Darts, and World Snooker Tour.

Furthermore, you will get an archive of sports videos collected over the years by Matchroom.

However, Matchroom does not stream many live events. Instead, you will have to use a desktop, laptop, or the latest mobile browser to stream the games.

Nevertheless, the app works well for watching archived or on-demand videos.

3. System requirements for streaming on Matchroom

To enjoy a better streaming experience on Matchroom, your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone must meet specific system requirements.


Matchroom Live supports computers that run on Windows 8.1 or later and Mac 9+.

fast computer


You require the latest browser versions to stream on Matchroom. It supports specific browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

However, Matchroom Live does not support Internet Explorer or Opera for live video. However, you can use the browsers to watch on-demand videos.

Mobiles and Tablets

Matchroom only works for devices that run Android 6 and above.

For iOS users, you’ll need a minimum of iOS 11+ to install and run the app.

4. You need a fast internet connection and processor to watch live events

Matchroom Live broadcasts its live events in HD. Therefore, you require a fast internet connection to avoid buffering.

The device you’re using to stream should have a fast processor to reduce your wait time to interface with the site.

Generally, you require a Wi-Fi broadband internet connection with a minimum download speed of 1.2Mbps.

In addition, the latency should not exceed 100ms for Standard Definition. For HD videos, your internet speed must be at least 3Mbps with a latency of not more than 50ms.

Go for a  4G or 5G network for the best streaming experience with HD videos.

5. Matchroom offers refunds

Matchroom Live offers refunds depending on a specific situation. For example, you will get a refund if:

  • You report a technical issue during the event. However, the fault must be from Matchroom’s providers and cannot rectify.
  • An event gets postponed after purchasing a pass.

Matchroom does not offer refunds in situations where you did not watch a stream through choice or failed to report a technical issue when the event was ongoing.

Furthermore, the service will not refund you if you attempt to access its platform using a VPN.

You can still watch on-demand after completion if you miss a live event.

Snooker is aired on Matchroom Live

Is Matchroom Live free to watch?

Matchroom Live is not free to watch. You require a day pass, monthly, or annual subscription to access its live content.

However, you can sign up for an account to get the free archive of sports content collected by Matchroom for nearly 40 years.

Can you watch Matchroom on TV?

You can watch Matchroom Live content on your TV by casting to a Smart TV.

Otherwise, Matchroom does not have an app for TV since its live content is only available on desktop or laptop browsers.

Generally, you can cast to a Smart TV via a desktop or mobile browser. In addition, you can cast using Chromecast or AirPlay. However, casting is not available via the Matchroom Live app.

Where can I watch Matchroom snooker?

You can watch World Snooker live by subscribing to Matchroom Live. Once you have the subscription, your next step is to visit Matchroom/live/sports/snooker from your desktop or laptop browser to watch a live event.

But if you only want to view videos, you can access them from the Matchroom app for Android and iOS.


Matchroom Live allows users to access up to 12 sports, including darts, pool, basketball, snooker, ping pong, netball, gymnastics, and fishing competitions at a subscription.

It costs $0.99 to watch videos daily, $4.99 for a month, or $49.99 annually. You can watch Matchroom on your Android, iOS, computer, laptop, or tablet device.

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