10 best apps to watch soccer on iPhone or iPad

The soccer season is one that usually gets many fans cheered up. Being that soccer is the most-watched sport on the planet, it becomes more important for fans to find the perfect way to watch all the matches they can’t attend.

For you to watch live score streaming on an iPhone or an iPad, you need to have a reliable sports app.

There are many apps available for download, but only a few can offer all the right features for you to enjoy a live football match. Finding such apps has never been easy.

Top 10 apps for watching soccer on iOS

To watch soccer on iOS, here is a list of the best apps to use:

1. Sky Sports App

Sky Sports app is a leader among the best in soccer streaming. The app has all Sky Sport’s Sports channels, that is including about eight dedicated soccer channels.

Besides,  you’ll get access to several matches across the different leagues.

Sky Sports app boasts of streaming elite competitions such as Europe’s Champions League and the World Cup.  To use the app, one must download it and set up a sky account.

The premium service will open access to all the sports channels. If you have been wondering which is the apps to watch soccer on iPhone, then the Sky Sports app should be top of your list.


2. Premier League Official App

This is a dedicated English premier league app. It offers access to live scores and live tables.

The app also has all the statistics about the premier league past seasons. You can watch video highlights of all the matches on the app.


3. BT Sport

This offers access to all the major soccer leagues and tournaments across the globe. BT Sport is, however, a subscription-based service.

Once you have subscribed to the BT sports channel, you will have unrestricted access to the app. All live scores and table standings are also updated on the app.


4. BBC iPlayer

This app is based on the popular channel BBC. It provides access to on-demand content to all account holders.

The BBC iPlayer lets you get all the latest results as well as watch select matches. This is definitely one of the apps to best apps to watch soccer on iPhone.


5. Fox Sports Go

This is considered to be the best sports channel in the US. Fox Sports GO app is for the Fox Sports channel subscribers.

If you desire to stream football on your iPhone, download the app and get a Fox Sports account. Once you’re logged in, you can enjoy streaming football matches right at home.


6. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a 100% sports-oriented app. The app has over 70 sports channels. The majority of the channels available are dedicated soccer channels.

The app, however, requires one to subscribe before accessing the content. The access pass comes in different packages depending on the number of channels you’ve requested.


7. ITV Hub

ITV Hub is a polished live on-demand service. The users can access sports channels, mainly broadcasting soccer from Europe’s and America’s best leagues.

The app is not limited to sports only and has other non-sports channels.


8. HotStar

Just go to HotStar to watch live soccer on iPad. This app is fast and reliable when it comes to sports activities.

The has exclusive rights to some sports matches. The soccer channels are of HD quality and feature mainly high-profile games.


9. LiveScore

LiveScore is a packed sports app that has nearly all the soccer action you need. The app has updates from all lower-tier leagues in almost all countries as well as the most recent updates of the major leagues.

LiveScore will give you live commentary and live table changes as the match happens. Besides, it is free to use.


10. Yip TV

Yip TV is a pay-TV service that hosts many sports channels. It is an iOS football streaming app with soccer matches from top-tier leagues.

Due to its excellent user interface, it can be considered as one of the best iPhone apps for live sport on the iPhone or iPad.


All these apps will give you access to different channels. The best app for soccer is one that will provide you with live action from the leagues that you are interested in.

Make sure you try out each of these apps before making a choice.

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