Who makes RCA TVs? Everything you should know

RCA TVs are some of the most affordable Smart TVs on the market. The brand offers Smart and non-smart TVs at different price points and runs on the Roku TV OS or LG TV’s WebOS.

Most RCA TVs come in 4K resolution and have several HDMI ports. But like most budget-friendly Smart TVs, the question of who makes them always comes up severally. So, who makes RCA TVs?

RCA has been a US electronics brand for over 100 years. It started producing radio sets in the early 1920s and became an affordable company producing digital home entertainment products.

Its range of electronic products includes telephones, projectors, digital TV boxes, computers, tablets, appliances, assorted electronics accessories, audio/visual equipment, and car stereos.

The company’s ownership has changed over the years, but its products have remained unchanged. 

Who makes RCA TVs?

RCA has many electronic products manufactured by different companies.

For example, it uses Telefield to manufacture its projectors and Voxx to manufacture audio/visual equipment and electronics accessories.

However, RCA uses Curtis International Ltd to manufacture its television sets.

Curtis International Ltd. is a Canadian-based manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics and appliances.

The company has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing a range of the latest technologies in home electronic products, such as DVDs, home stereos, MP3 players, telephones, and TVs.


What does RCA stand for?

RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America. The company started in 1919 and later became the RCA Corporation in 1969.

However, in 1986, General Electric purchased it and liquidated its various divisions and assets.

Is RCA a good brand of TV?

RCA is a good TV brand for users that want an affordable Smart TV. The TVs have many excellent features that one would want in a Smart TV.

For example, the RCA RTRU5028 is a 50-inch, 4K Smart TV with Roku. It has many features, including:

  • Cross-channel search for fast and easy searching of channels.
  • HDMI input.
  • 178-degree viewing angle.
  • 4K resolution.

The TV uses the Roku mobile app to turn your iOS or Android phone into a handy remote.

However, since RCA TVs are some of the cheapest on the market, they do not have many features compared to high-end TVs.

But if you want a TV with a decent display and the ability to stream movies and TV shows in good audio quality, then RCA TVs are worth the try.

Are TCL and RCA the same?

TCL and RCA are not the same. Although the two companies produce affordable TVs, they do not have the same owner.

In other words, TCL is a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China, while RCA is not a company. Instead, it is an American multinational trademark brand.

RCA Roku TVs

Does Sony own RCA TV?

Sony does not own RCA TV. The company that owns RCA is Technicolor SA, a French multinational corporation. Technicolor SA holds the RCA trademark.

Therefore, any company that wants to manufacture an electronic product can get a license from Technicolor SA and use it on its products.

Noteworthy, Technicolor SA licensed RCA Records, a record label, to Sony Music Entertainment.

Where are RCA TVs made?

It is challenging to know where the manufacturing of RCA TVs takes place. Generally, Curtis International Ltd is the company that manufactures RCA TVs and appliances.

Unlike many TV companies, Curtis International does not outsource its manufacturing and does everything in-house.

However, the company operates three flagship manufacturing plants, serving the world market from Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, and China. But the company also has a base in India.

Does RCA still make TVs?

RCA does not make TVs anymore. The company closed in 1986 after General Electric purchased all its divisions and liquidated its assets.

Then, in 1987, RCA became a trademark owned by Technicolor SA. Technicolor SA then licensed the RCA trademark to Curtis International Ltd for use on its line of television sets.

Who owns RCA TVs?

The company that owns the license for RCA TVs is Curtis International Ltd.

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