TCL TV shows horizontal or vertical lines on screen: How to fix

It is never enjoyable when your TCL TV displays horizontal or vertical lines. The problem is never straightforward until you troubleshoot.

Generally, vertical or horizontal lines on TCL TV can occur because of multiple reasons such as unstable power source, faulty hardware components, or screen adjustment problems. Also, dust from the back of the TV can cause vertical or horizontal lines.

Whenever your TCL TV shows horizontal or vertical lines on the screen, consider the following options to fix the problem.

1. Check the power source

Ensure that you have properly plugged your TV into a stable power outlet. An unstable power supply can cause a flickering screen due to voltage or current fluctuations.

When the power supply fluctuates, it affects the smooth and consistent delivery of electricity to the TV, causing the screen to flicker.

Various factors, such as voltage spikes or dips, electrical line interference, or faulty electrical connections, can cause that.

When the power supply is inadequate or inconsistent, the TV may struggle to maintain a steady flow of power, leading to flickering or blinking of the screen.

Make sure you have a stable and consistent power source to prevent this problem.

2. Check the cable connectors

Ensure all cables, including HDMI or AV cables, are securely connected to your TV and the input source (e.g., cable box, gaming console).

If the cable connectors are not securely attached to the TV or the external device, it may lead to poor signal transmission. Loose connections can create interference, manifesting as horizontal or vertical lines on the screen.

Checking TV cables
Inspect your TV cables to make sure none of them is broken, bent, or faulty. Image: Canva

Also, worn-out or damaged cables can cause signal loss. If the cables are frayed, bent, or broken, they may disturb the data transmission, resulting in visual anomalies like vertical lines on the TCL TV screen.

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Thirdly, certain cables may not be fully compatible with your TCL TV model. Using incompatible cables may cause signal issues and vertical or horizontal lines on TCL TV.

3. Check for electromagnetic interference

External factors like electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices or power cables can disrupt the signal transmission through the cable connectors.

The interference can appear as lines on the TV screen. Therefore, minimize signal interference by keeping other electronic devices and power cables away from the TV and its cables.

4. Check for physical damage

Physical damage to the TV screen, such as cracks or impact, can lead to black vertical lines on TCL TV.

When the screen is hit or subjected to excessive pressure, it can cause damage to the LCD panel or its connections. The damage disrupts the normal functioning of the pixels, resulting in the appearance of vertical lines.

Similarly, horizontal lines can occur when there is damage to the row of pixels. Each row of pixels is responsible for displaying a portion of the image. If damaged, horizontal lines will occur across the screen.

In such cases, the issue is typically beyond a simple repair. The best solution is to contact TCL customer support or a professional technician to assess the damage and discuss potential options, which may include screen replacement.

5. Check the graphics card

The graphics card in a TCL TV displays images and videos on the screen. It is an essential component that works with the TV’s processor to render high-quality visuals.

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The graphics card also enables users to connect their computers to the TV and use it as a monitor for gaming, watching movies, and other activities.

If the graphics card is not functioning correctly, it can lead to visual issues, including lines on the screen. That can happen if the drivers are outdated, overheating, or physical damage.

Consider updating the graphics card drivers first. If that does not solve the issue, check the card for physical damage or overheating. Replacing the graphics card might be necessary.

6. Check the T-CON board

A TV T-Con board
A sample T-Con board for a TV

The T-CON board converts the video signal received from the mainboard into specific commands that control the pixels on the screen. A T-CON board malfunction can result in various display abnormalities, including vertical or horizontal lines on the TCL screen.

Vertical lines on the screen can occur when there is a problem with the T-CON board’s connections or its integrated circuitry. That can happen if a loose or damaged flat flex cable (FFC) connects the T-CON board to the LCD panel.

If this cable is not securely attached, it may cause intermittent contact with the board and the appearance of vertical lines. In such cases, reseating the FFC can often resolve the issue.

Also, a faulty T-CON board itself can cause vertical or horizontal lines. The T-CON board may develop issues with its integrated circuits or other components over time. Unfortunately, you cannot fix this. Instead, consider replacing the T-CON board entirely.

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7. Clean dust from your TV

Dust accumulating on the back of a TCL TV can cause vertical or horizontal lines on the screen.

That happens because the dust particles interfere with the electrical connections between the display panel and the internal components of the TV.

Therefore, gently clean your TV using a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth to wipe the back.

8. Update the TV software

When your TCL Roku has vertical lines on the screen, the cause could be a software issue. Therefore, update the software to see if this helps. Do the following:

  • Press the Home button on the TCL Android TV.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select More Settings.
  • Select Device Preferences.
  • Go to About.
  • Select System Update. The Software Update pop-up box will display.
  • Select Network Update.

The TV will search for an available software update; once prompted, click OK to confirm.

9. Perform a factory reset

Software glitches, incorrect settings, or temporary errors can sometimes cause vertical or horizontal lines on a TV screen.

These issues can disrupt the display and result in lines appearing on the screen. Performing a factory reset can eliminate any software or settings-related problems causing these lines.

  • Press the Settings button on the remote.
  • Scroll to More Settings > Device Preference > Reset.
  • Select Factory Data Reset on the warning screen.
  • Select Erase Everything.
  • A pop-up message will be displayed: enter the specified PIN, then click OK.

The TV will restart automatically. You can now set it up again.

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