Why your LG sound bar is blinking white light (and the fix)

Finding your LG sound bar is blinking white light can be confusing and concerning. Before panic sets in, understanding why this might happen can go a long way toward a simple fix.

The blinking white light on LG sound bars generally indicates a connectivity problem. Either the soundbar has become disconnected from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This error light could also be caused by a software glitch, component failure, and so on.

However, in many cases, the reason behind the blinking light comes with an easy DIY solution. This article will explain the causes, solutions, and more.

What does a white light on an LG soundbar mean?

Here is what this light could be telling you:

1. Wi-Fi connection issues

For models with internet connectivity features, a blinking white light can indicate the soundbar is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network or unable to connect. This could happen if:

  • The network is down
  • Password or settings have changed
  • There is interference disrupting the wireless signal.

The flashing white light on a soundbar happens as it continually attempts to reconnect to the configured network.

A blinking white light can indicate the soundbar is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network.
A blinking white light can indicate the soundbar is disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. Image: Praveen

2. Bluetooth pairing problems

A blinking light signifies the soundbar is not paired or connected to a previously configured Bluetooth device. This can occur if the device:

  • Loses Bluetooth connectivity
  • Moves out of range
  • Has pairing settings changed

3. Standby/Sleep Mode

Some LG soundbars blink a white light when they enter low-power standby or sleep mode. This operating state saves electricity when the soundbar is inactive but remains plugged in.

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The blinking shows the electronic components are in sleep mode but ready to “wake up” when the soundbar receives an on command.

4. Software or firmware issues

If your LG sound bar is blinking but there is no sound, it could be due to corrupted software, incomplete updates, bugs, or crashes.

As the soundbar struggles with glitchy programming instructions behind the scenes, you will see the external blinking indicator.

5. Hardware and component failure

Bad capacitors, problems with the amplifier board, shorted wiring, or errors with the logic processor can prevent proper functionality.

This results in the white warning lights.

6. Overheating protection mode

Some LG soundbars enter a self-protection blinking state when internal temperatures get too high.

Blinking indicates the device has temporarily shut down non-essential functions to cool down to a safe operating temperature. The soundbar will display “S-PROTECT” if this is the cause.

7. Factory reset or firmware update mid-cycle

A white light blinking on my LG soundbar SK1 and other models usually comes on during a factory reset or a software update.

This is normal and usually resolves when the reset or update sequence completes in a few minutes.

What to do when your LG sound bar is blinking white light

Follow these tips to fix the issue behind the warning lights:

1. Give your soundbar time

In some cases, blinking resolves on its own if you give it some time. These include instances of overheating, a software update, or a reset in progress.

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Just give your sound system about 30 minutes, and everything will be back to normal.

2. Reboot the soundbar and the connected devices

A simple reboot can resolve software glitches causing blinking:

  • Power off the LG soundbar and any connected devices like TVs or cable boxes by unplugging from an electrical outlet or long-pressing the power button.
  • Wait 60 seconds before reconnecting power to allow systems to fully shut down.
  • Turn equipment back on in proper order – power on connected devices first, then the soundbar last.

3. Reset and re-pair wireless connections

If the soundbar relies on wireless connectivity, resetting and re-pairing may resolve blinking issues:

  • On both the soundbar and connecting devices like TVs or phones, delete existing pairing connections from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi menus.
  • Power cycle by unplugging the soundbar and devices for one minute before reconnecting power.
  • Initiate new pairing sequences to connect wirelessly, following each device’s manual for step-by-step instructions.

4. Check physical connections

As blinking often indicates a lost connection, the first step is checking all plugs and wires:

  • Ensure the power cords of all the connected devices are securely inserted into the wall outlet and the soundbar.
  • For soundbars with wired audio connections, verify cables from external devices like the TV, Blu-ray player, or game console are properly inserted at both ends.
  • Inspect cables and plugs for damage. Replace any frayed or cracked wires.
  • Secure any loose wall outlet plates to improve power cord contact.

5. Install firmware and app updates

Software fixes often resolve electronic glitches that happen when the LG sound bar is blinking white light:

  • In smartphone apps like LG Sound Bar, check if updates are available for the soundbar firmware. If so, install to latest version.
LG Sound Bar app.
LG Sound Bar app. Image: LG
  • Update media device apps like smart TV software, streaming platforms, etc. In case of compatibility issues.
  • If using device monitoring apps, ensure those are updated in case soundbar integration is affected.
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6. Factory reset if issues persist

For trickier, persistent blinking problems, factory resetting the device to default conditions can work:

  • Locate the small pinhole reset button on the back of the soundbar, usually near connection ports.
  • With the device powered on and connected, press and hold the reset button for 10+ seconds using an item like a paperclip.
  • Some models may automatically reboot and reload factory firmware. If not, unplug the device and reconnect the power.

How to fix hardware and component failure in your LG soundbar

If you have worked through all troubleshooting steps for blinking light issues to no avail, the problem likely stems from a hardware or internal component failure within the soundbar.

Here are recommended best practices for hardware-related issues:

  • Do not attempt to open or repair the device if the malfunctioning soundbar is still under LG’s parts and labor warranty. Contact LG Support using the phone number in your soundbar manual.
  • For soundbars outside their warranty period, you can choose to take apart and replace damaged components. Only attempt internal hardware repair if you have electrical safety training and are comfortable with sound system electronics. Otherwise, seek service from technicians.

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