Fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is among the top streams for watching anime. With a user base of over 45 million, it ranks among the most visited entertainment sites.

With the many titles available, users find themselves glued for hours watching the movies. Nothing spoils the experience more than the notorious Crunchyroll ads.

The ads will interrupt the video making the process of eliminating them a menace. That’s why many users prefer to use ad blockers.

However, there has been an issue with Adblock not working on Crunchyroll in recent times.

So, what causes AdBlock for Crunchyroll to fail to work and how can it be fixed? Here’s a detailed guide for fixing this issue.

How to fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyroll

There are a few ways you can fix AdBlock not working on Crunchyroll.

Step 1: Update your filter lists

The first troubleshooting move is to update your filters. Most sites that have ads usually continue to develop ways to circumvent and bypass adblockers.

This can be countered by ensuring you have the latest update of AdBlock.

Step 2: Change your ad blocker

In case you continue to see the ads after updating your AdBlock you might need to get a new ad block program.

Whenever you receive a notification that AdBlock isn’t working on Crunchyroll that’s a sure call for an AdBlock change.

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The best ad blockers are ones that have the plus features.

These would read nearly all website scripts and identify where the ads have been placed.

Step 3: Edit the website script

In case you have tried the above steps and Crunchyroll still shows ads, you will need to get deeper.

This method may sound complex and only for developers but actually, it is quite simple.

Editing the script simply means finding where the ad is located on the webpage and blocking it.

The steps are many but we have simplified them to offer a quick and reliable solution.

  1. Open the video you want to watch: Allow the ad to display for you to proceed.
  2. Select the inspect element option: To select this option, you right-click on the ad and on the displayed menu navigate to inspect element.
  3. Navigate to the inspector tab: Once you click on the inspect element option, web scripts will be displayed. Look at the title bar and select the inspector option. This is usually the first option that the script opens in.
  4. Find the AdBlock parameter: This is an easy step. All you have to do is hit the ctrl key and f on your keyboard and type in AdBlock. This will highlight the first instance where the AdBlock element has been written.
  5. Replace the script
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To do this ensure you highlight the script and replace it with the edited version. Copy the code and replace the AdBlock webpage script.

The new script should eliminate all instances of AdBlock and allow you to watch the videos without interruption.  

This process might seem tedious but if followed correctly it will guarantee a seamless video streaming experience.

It is important to note that after trying each step ensure you refresh your webpage for the changes to take effect.

Check also your AdBlock status to ensure the service is not disabled for whatever reason. That is simply how to block ads on Crunchyroll.

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