Having trouble logging into AMC Plus? 4 solutions that may help

Most AMC Plus users complain about login problems, which can occur at inopportune times, such as when their favorite movie or show is about to start.

Several reasons can explain why this problem occurs. The top ones include wrong login details, internet problems, corrupted cookies & cache, server problems, and more.

Fortunately, you can fix most of these login issues with a few tips. Below are four top solutions you can try if you are having trouble logging into your AMC Plus account.

1. Clear your cookies and cache data

Cookies and cached data make it easy to log into your AMC Plus account on your app, web browser, or other streaming devices. However, they can be corrupted, which can cause login issues.

When the login cookies become corrupted, they can cause a mismatch between the password stored in your browser and the one in the AMC servers.

Corrupted cookies and cache data can also cause timeouts on your AMC servers thus blocking the login attempt.

To clear your web browser’s cookies and cache:

  • Launch your web browser and go to the History settings.
  • Select Clear browsing history and then select the option Cookies and cached data.
  • After clearing your cookies and cache, restart the browser and try logging into your AMC Plus account again.

To clear cookies and cache on the AMC Plus app:

  • Close the AMC+ app on your device and exit to the home screen.
  • Go to Settings, then Apps (App List/App Manager, depending on your phone model)
  • Select the AMC+ app from the list and go to Storage (or Storage & Cache).
  • Clear the app cache to delete all the cookies. You can also clear the app storage data, which will delete all settings, including the saved username and password.

After deleting the cookies, restart your device, then try logging into your AMC Plus account.

2. Check your internet settings

Ensure your intenet is stable before attempting other solutions.
Ensure your internet is stable before attempting other solutions. Image: Praveen

Internet settings are another common reason you cannot log into your AMC Plus account.

    For example, your connection might not be working or may be slow, which can cause login issues. So, before attempting other solutions, you should ensure your internet is stable.

    VPN use is another common issue that can cause login problems; AMC Plus may sometimes block VPNs. Therefore, if you use a VPN service, turn it off and try logging into your AMC+ account.

    Some AMC Plus users have also reported login problems when connecting using a Wi-Fi network. This can be due to a bug on the AMC server-side or AMC potentially blocking some Wi-Fi IP addresses.

    Fortunately, you can easily fix the Wi-Fi login problem by turning off your Wi-Fi and logging into your account using a cellular network. 

    3. Reset your AMC Plus password

    Entering the wrong details is another reason you might be having an issue logging into your AMC Plus account.

    Therefore, double-check that you have the correct username and password before trying anything else.

    Note: If you attempt to log in too many times unsuccessfully, AMC Plus might assume that someone is trying to hack your account. Therefore, your account might be locked as a security measure, so you must use a web browser to reactivate it.

    If you have forgotten your password or you’re experiencing issues with your account details, you can reset your account using the Forgotten Password link on the AMC+ app or website login page.

    After resetting your account, you will receive an email that has a link to create a new password.

    Unfortunately, some AMC+ users have reported issues with password reset, where the reset link is not sent, or the one you receive redirects to the login page (instead of the password creation page).

    Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you work around this problem:

    • You can contact AMC+ customer support and ask for a fresh password reset link instead of the one sent automatically by the website or the app.
    • Some users have also reported having luck resetting the AMC Plus password in a private (incognito) browser.  

    After you reset your password, log into your account on the web or AMC+ app.

    4. Re-install the app or try using another browser or device

    You can try a few more troubleshooting tips if you still have issues logging into your AMC Plus account.

    First, if you are using the app, it could be outdated, or the settings have been corrupted.

    Download and install the AMC Plus app.
    Download and install the AMC Plus app. Image: Google Play

    Therefore, uninstall the app, download and install a fresh (and up-to-date) one, restart your device, and then try logging into your AMC Plus account.

    If you are accessing AMC Plus on a web browser, try another one, for example, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

    Make sure that your browser is up to date before using it to log into your account.

    Lastly, your current device (phone, PC, smart TV, or streaming device) could be faulty, causing login issues.

    Using another device will help you identify whether the issue with AMC Plus is related to your device or the server side.

    The above solutions can help you resolve the most common AMC Plus issues. However, if none works, you can wait for the issue to be resolved or contact AMC Plus customer support for advanced troubleshooting.

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