7plus review: 7 facts to know before signing up

After Australia phased out analog technology, there was a mass switch to digital TV. That made it easier for viewers to access more channels with better picture and sound quality through streaming service subscriptions. One of them is 7plus.

7plus is a digital video-on-demand service from the Seven Network. With it, you’ll gain access to every Seven Network channel and live content on compatible devices. 

You will stream live news, TV shows, movies, and sports content for free. The service is available on many platforms, including:

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Telstra TV
  • Fetch TV
  • Apple TV
  • PS4
  • LG TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Android TV
  • Freeview Plus
  • Sony TV

You can also cast it using Chromecast and AirPlay. 

Top 7 facts about 7plus

7 Plus TV

Here’s what you need to know before you sign up for 7plus.

1. You need an account to stream content

Although 7plus is free, you’ll need to create an account before streaming. The reason for registration is it gives you access to new features across all 7plus platforms. 

By creating an account, you will also be able to personalize your experience. For example, you can continue watching content on multiple devices and resume a video anytime.

Also, you can discover new videos with personalized recommendations of movies, TV shows, or live events on the 7plus catalog. If you are not signed in, you will not access exclusive member content for TV shows before they air. 

These features are unique to a user and are only available through a 7plus account that you must create at the beginning and log in on all compatible devices. 

2. 7plus has many ads

7plus is free, but it generates its revenue through advertisement.

Therefore, you will have to deal with many ads as you stream your favorite videos or watch live events. 

3. You require a stable internet connection to stream 7plus content

The best way of enjoying the content provided by 7plus is to stream it on your device. However, you must be in Australia and only use a supported device to watch videos. 

Note that the best internet data speed that will ensure uninterrupted viewing is 3Mbps. Anything lower than that and you might experience frequent lagging.

4. Streaming is metered

Streaming on 7+ is not unmetered. That means you will incur data charges based on your internet or mobile data plan. 

The advantage of 7+ is that the service uses adaptive streaming. In other words, it will adjust the quality of a video you are playing based on the quality of your internet connection.  

5. You can watch the AFL Grand Final on 7plus for free

AFL Game
Image: Yahoo Sports

7plus is the best streaming platform for watching the AFL Grand Final. However, you can only watch the sport on connected TVs and PlayStation 4 and 5, but not on mobile devices. 

7+ brings you many more matches, including VAFL, WAFL, and SANFL. However, the only sport not available is the men’s AFL competition. 

6. You cannot rewind live streams on 7plus

Although you can live stream many events on 7+, the service does not rewind live streams. But if you missed a live stream, you can find it later through the platform’s programming. 

Unlike many services that have a DVR, you won’t enjoy the same on 7+. While there are several external DVR services that you can use, make sure to check the company’s fine print before recording any live shows.

7. TV shows are available for up to three years

With 7+, you do not have to worry about missing a TV show. You have at least seven days to three years to watch a show on the platform. 

However, the number of days a TV program is available depends on license agreements. Ideally, you can view the availability of your favorite TV show in the episode description. 


Can you watch 7plus on any Smart TV?

You can watch 7plus on Smart TV, including Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Android TV, and Sony Linux Smart TV. 

You will first have to connect your TV to your account to get started. If you have any of these TVs, here is what you need to do to stream 7+ content. 

  • Go to your TVs application store and download the 7plus app
  • Install the app
  • Launch the app and select any video

At this point, you will have to connect your 7+ account to your device. Here are the steps for 7plus connect:

  • Sign in with your 7+ account
  • Visit 7plus.com.au/connect on your computer, tablet, or mobile to register an account or sign in
  • You will see a 6-digit code on your TV screen once you sign in
  • Enter the code in the spaces provided
  • After providing the correct code, your TV and website will sync automatically and connect
  • Once the sync stops, you will see a Start Watching button
  • Click on the button to stream your video

The advantage of connecting your TV with your account is that the service will personalize all the shows you stream and improve other features like watching content across all 7plus devices.

How much does 7plus cost?

Pay TV
Image: Meta morworks

7+ gives you access to its content for free, meaning you do not have to subscribe to anything to watch a movie or TV show. 

However, you will have to create an account with the service to access most of the videos on offer. But since 7+ is free, it generates its revenue through advertisements. Expect to see lots of ads. 

Is 7plus on free-to-air TV?

7plus is free to air. However, you need the right equipment to access its content without a subscription. 

As a digital streaming service, it supports video-on-demand, catch-up-TV, and online live streaming.

What channels are on 7plus?

7+ has many entertaining channels, including Channel 7, 7Two, 7Mate, 7Flix, Racing.com, and 7Sport. In addition, it has a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and exclusives. 

You can enjoy unlimited streaming without a premium subscription. Other digital-only channels on 7plus include Olympic Channel, Outdoor Channel, Fuel TV, PeopleTV, Gusto TV, Pac-12 Network, iwonder, Ausbiz, Openshop, ZooMoo, and The Wiggles Channel.

Hopefully, this 7plus review has helped you know what the Australian streaming service offers and whether it is worth your money.

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