Spectrum app error codes and their fixes

Spectrum has one of the best live TV channel lineups that you can find on a streaming service. However, for most Spectrum customers, the shift from cable to streaming service hasn’t been a smooth ride.

Just like other new entrants in the content streaming market, the Spectrum app for TV and mobile occasionally throws up errors that interfere with your streaming experience.

List of Spectrum app error codes and fixes

Whether you are streaming on your Smart TV, Roku, or smartphone, you may experience one or more Spectrum error codes.

I’ve listed the most common errors you can encounter on Spectrum streaming service and how to fix them.

Spectrum error code RGE-1001

Most of the users who experience error RGE-1001 on Spectrum are usually streaming on their Roku devices. This error seems to be more of a cookie issue when two or more Roku devices are using the same Spectrum account.

In some instances, deleting and reinstalling the app on your Roku device will work.

Another solution is to log out of one device before logging into the other. If you are using a phone and Roku device and you are experiencing this error, make sure to close the Spectrum app on your smartphone.

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Make sure it isn’t running in the background, before logging into your Roku device.

Spectrum error code 018

Error code 018 on Spectrum is usually followed by a set of digits to identify that particular error.

When error code 018 flashes while streaming or using your browser, it is a problem with your Charter Spectrum internet connection.

The error can go away if you restart your router, but if it doesn’t, you will need to create another hotspot and connect to it the device with the error.

Spectrum error code SLC-1000

Error code SLC-1000 is irritating as it prevents you from watching any channel on Spectrum. If you are seeing missing channels or you cannot get the app to work again, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings > Network on your TV
  • Select Network Status > IP Settings
  • Select DNS Settings > Enter Manually
  • Change the DNS server to

This solution worked for most people who are using Samsung Smart TVs. However, don’t shy off from trying since it can also work with other TV models.

Another solution for this error is to restart your internet connection then update your Spectrum app to the latest version.

Spectrum error code 3014

If you are getting error code 3014 when using Spectrum on your Windows device, it is usually brought about by a misconfiguration of the registry files stored by the app. Follow these steps to fix error code 3014 on Spectrum.

  • Open Settings > Update & Security
  • Go to the Recovery tab
  • Tap Advanced Startup > Restart now
  • Under Choose an option, select Troubleshoot
  • Go to Advanced Options and click Automated repair
  • Select an account and log in
  • Wait for the recovery process to complete
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The error should disappear once the recovery is complete.

Spectrum error code WUC-1002

Spectrum WUC-1002 error message

Error WUC-1002 on Spectrum occurs when you visit multiple channels on the app on your Roku device causing the cache to be full. Eventually, the app will freeze and display this error. The good news is that solving it is quite easy.

To fix Spectrum error WUC-1002 on your Roku device, you should close then restart the app. If this doesn’t work, restart your Roku device.

If this still doesn’t work, then you should restart your router before reopening Spectrum. Here’s a detailed guide for fixing error WUC-1002 on Spectrum.

Spectrum error code HL813

According to Time Warner, error HL813 on Spectrum occurs when there is maintenance on an On-Demand channel. The only thing you can do in this case is to wait.

Since this Spectrum outage occurs mostly during the night, your channels should resume working in the morning.

Spectrum error code RLP-1006

Many users have recently reported error RLP-1006 while watching Spectrum on their Roku devices. To solve the error, update your Roku software, delete Spectrum, then reinstall it.

If the issue recurs, then you need to get in touch with Spectrum customer service.

Spectrum error code E2

This error may occur when you are streaming channels or ordering Video On Demand on Spectrum. You can solve it by refreshing your Spectrum box or receiver.

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Unplug it for about 10 seconds, return the power cable and wait for about 15-20 minutes before turning it back on.

Spectrum error code HL1000

To fix the HL1000 error code on Spectrum, update your device to the latest firmware version. If you are using the Spectrum app, make sure that you are running the latest version.

These are the fixes to some of the most common errors on your Spectrum streaming service or cable box. If you find any other reference codes other than those listed here, feel free to let me know in the comments section.

If you are experiencing no signal and none of these solutions seems to work, it could be a Spectrum outage or an improper setup. In this case, contact the company for a solution.

40 thoughts on “Spectrum app error codes and their fixes”

  1. What the hell is REF CODE “WVP-4003”? Call tech support and on hold for 38 minutes then told we don’t know what it means.

    • IGE-9000 error code:
      Generic error code. Non-specific cause.
      How to resolve: Keep pressing refresh button until the problem goes away. If it does not go away, then close the app, wait 5 minutes, then try again. Repeat this until problem resolves itself. You can also try deleting the app and re-installing it. Rebooting your device after re-installing may also help.

  2. Wont let me rearrange my recoding series priority gives me an
    error code GDVR-1000 I can’t fix it I reset I unplug nothing seems to work

  3. Error gdvr 1004–wont record any shows 8/23 or beyond and gives this error. Also upcoming recorded shows on 8/22 only say title unavailable until you click on details. What is this issue now?

  4. I’m getting STLP-1035 says program unavailable. This is on ALL channels. Unplugged tv for several minutes did not help

  5. What is reference code GVOD-6014? Was in the middle of watching a movie when it suddenly stopped. When I tried to go back and watch it I got this ref code gvod-6014. Now I can’t watch any movies or tv shows on demand. I reset my stuff and that didn’t work.

  6. Spectrum error codes WRDV-1006 on the website and DCM-999 on Android mean the app can not communicate with your box. It is either unplugged or there is an outage or maintenance going on in your area. I found this out while on vacation and I could not schedule or delete shows from my DVR. I called and they told me they were doing maintenance to the system and to wait a bit and try again.

    • I have the same issue and can’t fix. It means you cannot cast or display Spectum from your divice (ex Smartphone) to your TV. The device and your TV (or Roku, or Firestick…..) must be on the same WiFi network. Also, it seems if the internet connection which is used by the WiFi is by Spectrum, but there is no Spectrum Cable TV at the same place, you cannot cast Spectrum even if you have your own Spectrum TV account elsewhere. Spectrum is horrible, frankly, and are a huge money grab. Yes…. Companies need to make a profit. But when you have poor product reliability and generally poor customer service and technical support,……. You can try calling Tech Support at Spectrum but you might need to call 2 or 3 times until you get a person who can solve if you aren’t lucky enough to get him/her the 1st time. Let us know if and how it got resolved. I’m still trying to get it fixed also. Good luck Maria.

    • I don’t know if you got your fixed. But i figured it out. I did a speed test on my xbox and it was 38.45 Mbps download and 11.36 upload. I should have over 100 Mbps so I reset modem after that the app loaded no problem. I had the same error.

    • I am a long time customer and when I got the error code WLP-999, while trying to watch ANY channel on live TV, customer support at Spectrum didn’t know what it meant. So, ???????

  7. Error code on SAMSUNG tv STCF-1101 plus my iPad and iPhone 7 will not open as well
    I’ve reprogramed tv I’ve done the ip thing

    Help !!

  8. I am getting an error code RUC-1000 on my Spectrum app on my Roku tv. When I spoke to Spectrum customer service about the problem they told me that code means “blocked by the user”. I have reset my tv back to factory settings, uninstalled & reinstalled the app & reset the modem several times & I am still getting the error code. Could someone please help me with this problem? We recently moved & never had any problems with the app until we got to our new house. Any advise or help would be appreciated.

  9. I am getting E187 and loss of volume while my channel, specifically Fox News, just spins. What is going on? Another corp attempt at silencing conservatives? Very frustrating. I have called Spectrum-no outage. I have rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled the Spectrum streaming app. Honestly this app has been crap since I switched. May leave them all together.

    • Your INT and TV are not synced. Somehow there’s a mix up with the coding/signal. Basically, to watch your TVs full channel line up on an App (Roku TV, i-products, smart phone, etc…) at home it needs to be on your WiFi that’s assigned to your account and equipment. It appears that from your move (assuming you originally had Spectrum at the previous place and transferred it to the new) it’s one of two things: the IP address isn’t the same associated with the account at the new address (on the business end – Spectrum needs to correct, you’ll need to call) and that’s absolutely blocking the TV App signal. OR, the equipment info somehow didn’t carry over and may be still signaling TV App at the previous location which will prevent the TV app from working on the WiFi at the new address (again, Spectrum needs to fix it). Have them check if the old address still has your stuff active and/or have them check the SN of the Spectrum INT equipment to see if it matches. May want them to redo an account for the new address (should not be a problem and can be done over phone). *Assuming you’re using Spectrums INT equipment, I’d also have them swap it out. If you’ve had it a 2+ yrs or more, with all the changes Spectrums has made and are upgrading to, it would be a benefit to swap. Call them, they can ship it (free both ways: via store, or call Billing and get a return label, and reuse the box the new one comes in via UPS) or you can swing by a store – instant take home and swap. Check locations online first, with COVID-19, some may not be open or have unusual times/days unavailable… I hope this helps.
      ***This has been personal experience as well as family member being an employee for Spectrum. So please, know that this is the general understanding and I’m not a tech expert, so the wording may be “off”… however, if nothing else has worked, experience and some knowledge of the inner-workings of Spectrum have shown it could definitely be an account issues on the business end of things by SN, account signal, equipment error to needing to be swapped, etc… Thank you for your patience, I know this was a long one and not perfect tech lingo.

      • Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write this. My husband just had his DVR switched because it was outdated and had our cable downstairs reinstalled (i guess you’d say). Now he can’t record and thinks it’s the cable box. i’m pretty sure it’s on Spectrums business end because of your response and not the box itself (it’s brand new). So, it looks like i’ll be on the phone with Spectrum come Monday. (BTW, our internet kept dropping as well after the DVR/cable refresh.) The error code is -1004, and the DVR does not record.


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